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    I was going thru stuff of my grand mothers and found her cookbook from 1942. Herre are 3 rabbit recipes
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  2. UncleMorgan

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    Rabbit is one of my favorite vegetables.
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    The one where they parboil the rabbit pieces then roll in flour and fry is how my granny in Springfield, Ohio did rabbits and squirrels, except she had a small pressure cooker and would bring the steam/pressure up to 10lb and cook them for 15-20 minutes max, then dredge in seasoned flour (usually just salt and pepper, but you could play with this) and fry in butter / oil mix to keep butter from burning. It was always falling off the bone tender and delicious. Juice from pressure cooker could be thickened for gravy with standard formula of for each cup of broth, mix together 1TBs flour and 1TBs butter melted, then whisk/blend that in with broth over medium heat.

    It has been a long time since I gathered enough squirrels or rabbits for a family main course feast, and it is a lot of work to just do one or so as described by me above. However, it takes very little effort to pot these little garden raiders (and F&W officials be damned). As you thin out these raiders, immediately skin, gut, dehead and clean these. Bag them in ziplocs until you have an adequate batch, and then surprise your culinary guests.
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    My dogs hunt rabbits too, which is why I had to put up another fence so they couldn't get to the rabbit room. :/

    I usually sell them over eat them but have a grow-out pen of mutts at the moment destined for the grill. We kill them then toss them into a tote full of water to get the fur completely soaked. Wet fur flies a lot less than dry does and I want to eat hare, not hair. Then skin, butcher, quarter the carcass and toss into a deep pan of very salty ice water to soak overnight. Next day rinse well, rub with olive oil and seasonings, and onto the grill. I think I'm going to try tac's granny's way on a few though, something different.
  5. ditch witch

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    They cool in that ice water brine for around 24 hours, if you figure I butcher around 5 pm one day and then toss them on the grill around the same time the following day. It's how I learned to do it from the Backyard Meat Rabbit board on FB.
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    What brine solution ratio do you use @ditch witch? As in salt to water ratio
  7. ditch witch

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    I don't measure it. I just pour a crapload of kosher salt in the pan, add just enough hot water to melt it, then cold to cool it. Add the rabbit parts, add enough water to cover, and throw in a bucket of ice. The pan is a deep roasting pan that'll hold 2-3 quartered fryers. At least a cup of salt, probably more like 2. While I'm doing it, there are dead chefs spinning in their graves most likely, but it always turns out good.
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    I brown down the meat, Make a roux and throw in chopped onions, season the roux and cook on a low fire for about 3 hrs.
    Last week I taught 2-guys how to barbeque frog legs, Those are great!
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