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    Pulpit Racism Leads Blacks To Destruction

    By THE REV. JESSE LEE PETERSON | Posted Friday, April 04, 2008 4:30 PM PT
    Racism in the pulpit has been an ugly reality in the black community for some 40 years. Yet, it took the mad rantings of Barack Obama's pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. to bring it to our national consciousness.
    For the sake of the future of our great country, it is time we spoke frankly about this insidious cancer.
    Many black pastors have said that Sunday morning is the most segregated time of the week because whites go to their churches and blacks to theirs. However, the question has never been asked, "What role are black preachers playing in keeping the races from coming together on Sunday morning?"
    It's apparent to most Americans that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, the NAACP, members of the Congressional Black Caucus and the liberal elite wing of the Democratic Party are racist, but until the recent controversy surrounding Rev. Wright, black preachers have hidden their racism behind their pulpits.
    I have interviewed and debated more than 400 preachers (mostly black) on my radio show, including members of Trinity United Church of Christ, and "Black Liberation Theology" experts like Professor Dwight Hopkins and others. I am all too familiar with the false theology of these racist black preachers.
    Wright, Hopkins and their ilk attempt to use their pulpit, the Bible and God himself to hide the evil that lies within their hearts. They use the anger of black Americans to keep them demoralized, dependent and Democrat. Whenever black congregants hear these pastors blame whites for their own failings many rejoice because it takes away the responsibility of looking at themselves. These preachers derive power from the failure of their subjects.
    These same black preachers claim to be called by God, but how is it that a minister can be called by God and have hatred in his heart?
    Many black pastors preach one message before a white audience and then another in front of a black audience. When only blacks are around, their true hatred of whites comes out but goes uncorrected by other blacks. This is the reason that racism in the pulpit has remained hidden.
    Black ministers whose hearts are filled with hatred must be confronted and corrected, just as whites must be corrected when they are wrong. Black churches are setting a very dangerous trend in our country. They are leading most black Americans down a road of total destruction.
    These "leaders" attempt to blame their hatred of whites on slavery or excuse their racist sermons by labeling them "Black Liberation Theology." To blame past slavery for hate speech is a lie. In 2008, blacks are only enslaved by their own anger.
    I am reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he said we must overcome evil with good. Dr. King knew that if blacks were to hate the challenges that were put before them, they would not be free.
    Fifty-three percent of black Americans attend church, more than any other race (Scripps Howard News Service and Ohio University, 1997). Yet, when you look at the black family and community, there is little sign of God's presence. Most blacks cannot think for themselves, due to their debilitating anger.
    Need proof? Ninety percent of black Americans continue to vote for the Democratic Party, even though many have suffered for generations under liberal Democratic leadership in cities like Detroit and New Orleans. Does this sound like critical thinking is taking place?
    Further evidence that God is not found in most black churches is the acceptance of homosexuality, women having babies out of wedlock, the destruction of marriages, adultery, lying and cheating. How can this be if God called the leader of the church?
    Every day we're seeing the fruits of bad seeds sown. For example, Kwame Kilpatrick, Democrat Mayor of Detroit and a professed "Christian," was indicted and charged with perjury, obstruction of justice and other counts after sexually explicit text messages were found to contradict his denial of an affair with his top aide.
    City Council members and citizens have called for the mayor to resign. Yet, Kilpatrick refuses to step down and has accused his critics of being racists. Some 60 black ministers have publicly backed Kilpatrick in his defiance.
    In order for black America to turn around, they must take back their lives from false preachers. Fathers need to come back to their families, learn to work hard, guide their children, and love America (this is their home, not Africa). They must drop their anger, and find the truth within themselves, not inside corrupt, racist churches.
    Then the Rev. Wrights of this world will no longer have the power to destroy the bond between decent Americans of all colors.
    Peterson is founder and president of BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, and author of "SCAM: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America." He's also host of "The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show." For more information, visit www.bondinfo.org.
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    man who would have thought it?

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    What can you do to stop individuals from following false prophets? The bible has stated that they will exist till the end of this world. The only good thing is they have never been able to dethrone the one True God.
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    AMEN to that...
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    I attend a Non Denominational Church...With a Mixed Congregation....A Black Minister....and love it.

    We have an awesome Outreach Ministry...and the Praise & Worship Rocks!

    It's a real back to basics Church....The Bible is used at every meeting...all dress is welcome. Not everyone can afford 2 wardrobes...Open communication is encouraged and practiced....They openly talk about the Black society and how babies out of wedlock seem to be the norm rather than the odd one out....and other problems today..Reverse racism for one thing...and how it's being perpetuated ...

    I may have to print that and take it to church on Sunday....

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    There is that term..... "reverse racism". Do you see how normalized defining racism as only whites hating blacks has become?

    Not jumping on ya here, CRC... it's repeated to us a hundred times a day and eventually, the language takes hold.
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    Yup, my uncle recently won a "reverse discrimination" suit in court. It just pisses me off that if a white person is discriminated against it is automatically "reverse." As if white people invented racism and discrimination. It just serves to breed more and more resentment when there shouldn't be any.
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    I know you weren't....I should have put " " around that term..It's just something the Pastor said , a lot...and I was just repeating it...I don't like the term either....
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    Has anyone read that bumper sticker from the south "If I had known how much trouble its caused, I woulda picked MY OWN damn cotton."

    I dont like how blacks, arabs, and people of anyother ethnicitiy can do what they want and call it an expression of their heritage. Where as we think they should not do it for societies sake on a whole and we are called racist.
    Maybe I want to make grain liquor, grow potatoes by the thousand and drink all day every day. Maybe I want to bomb England, and gripe about how much the Catholics have messed up the world. Maybe I want to draw green runic symbols on myself and use a stone knife to sacrifice people to my own worldly gods. Technically they are all my heritage, so how come the "Reverse racism" says that I am not allowed to do it.
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    My own personal experience and direct observation of my fellow man over the years leads me to this conclusion . . .

    The Blacks are the very WORST Racists. Their Activistic leaders do their people a great disservice. They foster the anger & hatred for personal gain.

    These days "Equal Rights" isn't . . .

    It isn't equal and it isn't right.
    If it does not work BOTH ways, then it isn't EQUAL.
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