Radical Change Coming?

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by Yard Dart, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. Yard Dart

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    Pentagon Warns To Expect “Radical” Change In US Government Soon | EUTimes.net
  2. Brokor

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    Bring it on.
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  3. limpingbear

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    I just don't see it happening....not over obamacare. it has not even gone into full effect and wont for a couple more years. I think someone would slap him silley before he could implement it.
  4. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Lets dance. If we wait too long my knees won't be up to the tasks required.
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  5. NotSoSneaky

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    Bang bang time !
  6. HK_User

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    No surprise there.
  7. kellory

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    This from the same Whitehouse that refused the very notion of states seceding from the union? @Tac, you might need those knees later....to grovel and kiss his Magesty's ring. The word "Tyrant" comes to mind. :(
  8. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen. I don't bow and kneel, grovel, kiss rings or a$$. If and when I kneel again, it will be for one reason only.
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  9. Dont

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    Seen this yesterday and with most of the urgent warnings one see's, all to frequently, there is nothing else posted to support it's claims.. Have watched claims of martial law being imposed since the 1970's.. Please do not miss understand. I do believe that we are in the most critical period of our history, and am afraid that the only way out is a "total reset" of the govermant. However, there is greater danger in excepting false warnings and acting rashly.. Try and validate all information, and share with the rest of us here.. This was put out here as a heads up for the rest of us and I for one thank Yard Dart for his post..
  10. ghrit

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    Yep, so far, there's no fact checking done. However, one should not believe everything that shows up in the Tin Foil Hat Lounge ---
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  11. kellory

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    Personally, I think the Beer Tent aught go be in the Tinfoil Lounge. (Easier to reach that next beer, while plotting the end of the world.);)
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  12. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    Are the facts there to support the article... not sure as I did not dig to far. But the fact is for all of us, to filter the information with everything else we hear and read, pay attention to what is going on and focus a bit better on being ready. I posted this in the tin-foil due to the fact of little back up info, but the truth of the story, may be closer than we want it to be. Regardless of this type of event happening next week or next year... it should be a catalyst for each of us, to not take our eye off the ball.... and continue to be ready for whatever may come.
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  13. HK_User

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    Then again, Senators and Catholic Bishop point out the NAZI like actions of Obama.

    EDIT 4:39 PM, The above are real and can found from 2010 and 2012. Nothing new or reactionary, just other folks thoughts and comrarrisons
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  14. DarkLight

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    As long as, even in the Tin Foil Hat lounge, we don't end up crossing the line (CoC-wise) with our comments regarding the current situation, administration or things that we may or may not feel should happen/be done.

    I'm not a mod but tensions are running high for EVERYONE right now, for a variety of reasons, and we need to make sure we don't give anyone any reason to question why we're really here, which is to share knowledge and information about how best to become self sufficient and sustain ourselves in the absence of what many have come to see as a critical support infrastructure.

    I'm not saying anything has been out of line and I'm sure the mods would politely remind anyone who crossed any lines but we've been coming closer and closer.

    *** Note ***
    This response is immediately following HK_User but isn't directed at that comment, or anyone in particular...just something I noticed in general.
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  15. Dont

    Dont Just another old gray Jarhead Monkey

    Danger, Danger Will Robinson!!! Oh, well.. Are all the warning post sent out to create the mind set that we will all ignore any and all warnings? Probably.. We would speak in terms of " what is possible ".. The warnings are presented as "Facts"... Very time consuming to have to sort out the false from those crumbs of facts.. Bottom line is it really don't matter as long as you are ready in your preps and maintain situational awareness in your daily travels..
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  16. VisuTrac

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    Where in the Hell is Major Kong?
  17. Brokor

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    The president not only has refused to negotiate on issues of debt and spending but also has mocked the very idea of engaging with Congress. President Obama has repeatedly made clear that he feels it is beneath the office of the presidency to work in a bipartisan way with the legislative branch.

    The Constitution gives Congress the power of the purse and the power to borrow. The president was given the power to veto measures, including those related to spending and borrowing. These separate powers created checks and balances but also forced the executive and legislative branches to work together.

    Read more here: Eric Cantor: Divided government requires bipartisan negotiation - The Washington Post

    (These are the only FACTS we really need to know. The rest is just filler. Stand ready.)
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  18. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    So, We stand at checkmate ?

  19. kellory

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    NO, behind the 8 ball. As along as the "War Powers Act" is in effect, the President can do an end run around congress, by way of the E.O's'.

    there MUST be a way for the People to shut down the WPA, and force a president to conform with his Constitutional Powers.

    As long as the WPA is in effect, checks and balances do not truly exist.
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  20. Brokor

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    Very true. However, getting .GOV or the puppet media to ever actually admit this is another story. They would rather feed the sheep lies and expect them to believe it. Most actually do.

    The ONLY way (outside revolution) to rescind the EWP is by Presidential Proclamation or Congress itself. The Act of March 6 (and March 9), 1933 are still in effect. At that time, Congress gave the President (FDR) supreme totalitarian control, and the vehicle for such power is worded in the pivotal phrase "heretofore and hereafter", making every POTUS a dictator (although not outwardly and openly). See USCA Title 12, Sec. 95(b) and Senate Report 93-549 for details (found on this forum). Something most do not know, is the only way the private banks can conduct banking business in the United States is by this Executive Privilege, the Act of March 6, 1933 suspended ALL Constitutional processes, and since the EWP are in effect, the only proof we need is the very fact that the banks operate. Remember, only Congress can coin money, per the Constitution. That hasn't happened since 1933, well since Kennedy had silver certs printed (technically), but even those were under the control of the FED. If this one, single act can be rescinded, we would end the Federal Reserve, most of the executive privilege under EWP, and the IRS. Without their money, they are nothing.

    Also, what's interesting are the "laws" which came into effect since the 1930's. Under EWP, we operate within Admiralty, or Maritime jurisdiction. Every "law" is colorable, having only the appearance and substance of law, but is in fact void of law. The common LAW, and the Constitution are examples of the laws of our republic. The "Uniform Commercial CODE", "Federal Reserve CODE", "United States CODE", and "Internal Revenue CODE" are not LAW. This also applies to State and local "Law", which are codified (statutory), denoting Admiralty.

    To end any of this, is to end the FED, to end the CURRENCY. That's all.

    Who really runs things? --- Janet Yellen to be named Fed chair on Wednesday: White House ---
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