Radio Blackout - Jan.4.2015

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindgrinder, Jan 5, 2015.

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  2. Mindgrinder

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    Also of should be an interesting video...(yes I DIY the same sources)

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    MG- re: the earthquake that happened in Challis ID, is the volcano there waking up? I know last year there was some activity re: earthquakes in that area but I haven't heard anything. Please note- I haven't been following earthquake news as much as I used to but still wondering. I think it was in April? last year that things were shaking in that area. Just makes me wonder, they say to know the dangers in your area, did those in the Challis area prepare for earthquakes?
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    There were only a couple weird inland earthquakes that I remember from last year...
    "Know the dangers in your area" - exactly.
    I mainly follow S0 cuz my office is litterally on the water....
    Burrard Inlet - if it's the "big one" - i'm in the GTFO zone for sure.
    Home - i'm good to go - far above sea level and 50km inland.
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    Very wise MG. The in-laws want us to relo to PacNorwest. IMO that fault will give and it will be a mess. I'll stick with wild fires. I had a friend go thru the CA quake, the one during the ball game. She said it was horrible- it was the people and lack of preparedness that made it worse. Know your dangers, have a plan, be prepared but also be prepared to deal with the unprepared and their total melt down- I hate to say it but sometimes I think people are the greater threat in the long run.
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    HF Radio is back to near normal this morning... and the outlook is good for a few days... Aurora Index was really High, the last few days, but has settled down to about normal, this morning....
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    Never hate to speak the truth;)
    People always have been, and always will be the greatest threat no matter what the catalysis event IMO.
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