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    He tells it like it is, Pass it on !!!

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    I don't find America "exceptional".
    "Criminal" would be a better word.
    Your "American Dream" is a lie, you don't produce anything, your children are slobbering lazy idiots who don't want to work, depend on government, worship authority, cannot defend themselves and are completely brainwashed by a culture of "greed is good".
    Contrary to your popular belief that you are endlessly helping the world through foreign aid, military intervention, world policing etc, the truth is quite the opposite. You have been at perpetual war since ww2, you government is not "of the people" or "for the people", it's controlled by international corporations, the military industrial complex and secret societies. Your "foreign aid" is often a smoke screen to inject spys and economic hitmen into much weaker countries in order to install puppet politicians for the powers that literally own you.

    (though I'm quite certain I'm not going to win any popularity contests by saying so).

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    Your not from around here are ya ?

    Perhaps a mod. can throw this post in the pit ?

    I posted this as an example of someone's whose been there seen it and lived to tell his story.

    clint_ew. clint_ew.
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    I like you post Gator, and think it deserves to stand as posted, as a perfectly understandable Personal Opinion... And ALL such Personal Opinions are welcome, here on the Monkey.... .....
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    Good post Gator and agree with what he is said. The only problem is that it looks like half of the people (sheeple) in attendance had no clue about what he was saying. Multiply that by the amount of sheeple that have no clue about what is happening and it's obvious how bad it is.

    MG's post is pretty much true about the state of the US. Don't know what else to say.
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    I couldn't have said it any better myself...only, I wouldn't have applied ownership to all Americans for what exists. We are partly responsible, sure. Just like the rest of the world is also responsible for having their own version of slavery under the umbrella of royal dynasties, popes and worthless currency. This extends far beyond the borders of America, and perhaps we receive more attention only because the role of the U.S. is to be the military arm of the NWO. We still have Britain, which is the intelligence and operations command, and the Vatican which serves as an infiltration bastion and remains completely unregulated with its own country within a country and highest levels of secrecy. As for Israel, they have strong connections to every major country, and like to stick their noses in everything. We are only expendable "Goyen", sub-humans to them, and their B'nai B'rith champions can wallow in their own slime for all I care. All together, they comprise the body of a multinational corporate cartel which serves only itself.

    About the video, I would say Mr. Cruz has it right (if we actually did still have a republic) and I commend him for his encouraging words. You know, the only true "power" Obama and his faction has is the power we give them, through indifference and ignorance. The corporations will not win this fight if we stand together. Of course, they have invested many billions of dollars in making certain we remain divided and preoccupied, as well as sick and dependent. This is indeed a sad time, but a more interesting one there may not be.
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