Raid On Alderman's Home Yields Gun, Possible Drugs

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    Raid On Alderman's Home Yields Gun, Possible Drugs

    FBI Removed Documents, Computer Hardware And More From Troutman's South Side Home As Part Of Bribery Investigation

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    (CBS) CHICAGO The FBI says it found a loaded pistol, ammunition, suspected drugs and drug paraphernalia when it searched Ald. Arenda Troutman’s home earlier this week.

    Agents also found “white powdery substance in a Ziploc plastic bag” when they went through her office. And they recovered a Christmas card with a $100 bill stuffed in it from a Chicago police commander.

    The items are listed in an inventory of what was seized from the alderman’s home and office after Troutman was arrested on federal bribery charges.

    A Python .357-caliber magnum revolver was found in a closet shelf in Troutman’s home. Three rounds of ammunition were on her nightstand and more ammunition was found in another room, federal authorities said.

    The “white powdery substance” was recovered from the righthand side of a desk in Troutman’s office. Typically such items are sent to a lab to determine if they test positive for drugs, authorities said.

    Troutman was charged Monday with taking a bribe in exchange for helping push through a development. But the newly released information indicates federal agents may not be finished investigating Troutman.

    The FBI removed dozens of boxes of documents, computer hardware, tax forms, campaign information and other items from the alderman's home and office. A drug and weapons canine took part in one part of the search.

    The new documents, made public Friday, also indicate the FBI continues to probe Troutman’s ties with gangs. In 2004, Troutman was questioned by the federal authorities regarding her romantic relationship with Donnel Jehan, a leader of the Gangster Disciples street gang with extensive underworld drug dealer connections and a long criminal record.

    Troutman denied having a relationship with him. According to the inventory, the FBI recovered a news article regarding Jehan and city of Chicago publications regarding drug and gang activity.

    For most of the day Friday, Trourtman stayed in her house behind closed doors.

    CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery reports when she did emerge from her South Side home, the alderman walked quickly toward a waiting car and driver.

    When asked about the "white powdery substance" federal investigators found in her home, Troutman said only, "I don't do drugs."

    Troutman has not yet been charged regarding the drug and gun seizures. Handguns are illegal in Chicago.

    Troutman's lawyer, Sam Adams Jr. did not return repeated calls from CBS 2.

    "Based on the situation I think the alderman should consider resigning," said Willie Cochran, a 20th Ward aldermanic candidate.

    Cochran is one of five challengers to Troutman on the February ballot. He held a rally of about 75 supporters Friday night in the 20th ward.

    A former Chicago police officer and federal marshal, Cochran says voters should not rush to judgment until that white, powdery substance is identified.

    But he added, in his law enforcement experience, "I know that 99 percent of the time when I find a bag with a white substance in it, it usually turns out to be an illegal substance."

    Though Troutman is due her day in court, Cochran believes strongly that she should resign because he doesn't think, given her current legal state of affairs, that the alderman will be able to adequately serve her ward.

    CBS 2's Mike Flannery and Rob Johnson and STNG Wire contributed to this report.
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    So it's illegal to own a handgun in Chicago. That's step one on the list of reasons I am not moving to Chicago.

    So she took bribes? If she did, she's in trouble and should be. I don't know about her case so I can't say if she is capable of this or not.

    She was accused of having a relationship with a drug dealer, gang member? She definitely can't use the excuse, 'I didn't know he was a gang member.'

    She had an unidentified white substance in a ziploc baggy and 'don't use drugs' then I guess it was her boyfriend's stash.

    See, another example of good politicians at work for you. If you don't play ball with the other politicians, they will get you.

    Had a Mayor from a small town that was charged with embezzlement. His replacement, was later also charged with embezzlement. Such fun times. Politicians make me sick. Though you have to admit, at least we are an EOE as far as politics go. We elect the good and the bad. Three cheers for the ACLU. Yeah right.
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