raising cat fish in a barrel for food and fertilizer

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Tango3, Apr 22, 2009.

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    Cool, thanks Tango. I've seen that article before, it's a good read.
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    that post got me thinkin of some tanks they got all over the place down here. they are 4'x4'x4' and they are incased with a stainless steel cage there is a 10" lid on the top and a drain vales on the side but it's about the size of4- 55 gallon drums. i bet if i had 10 of them i could get me a nice catfish farm goin and not even have a pond. . some people sell them tanks for 100.00 and some just plain give them away. i'm gonna check into it . this got me interested.
  4. eeyore

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    If you are describing what i believe are 425 gallon containers. My only concern is to make a something heavy enough to support them, when full. Probably more important is to find out what was in the tank before you got it. I have seen apple juice in some all the way to chemicals to be used in construction, so be careful please. Great idea though
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    i have also seen people raise fish in old refigerators laid on there back
  6. tacmotusn

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    I had a failed attempt at a similiar endevour post here a couple years ago. Gleaned all the in print and online sources I could find as I put my multiple tank and filter set up together. Thought I had it all figured out. I was sadly mistaken. I bought about 400 fingerling channel catfish and stocked my money maker. In just over 6 weeks all my Fish were dead. $1200 in total down the drain. It would help you greatly if you have a working fish farm in the area that will give you tips for free labor. Alas I had nothing like that close to me. I could resurrect my whole rig and or expand it into a hydroponics set up, but at this point am hesitant to try anything new without more information first hand. Experience in some cases is definately the best teacher. Best luck whatever you decide. Please let us here know how you do even if it ain't good. Sharing life's lessons even if in the negative help us learn. Thanks.
  7. tacmotusn

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    See my post right below yours that I am quoting now and find out or tell us more.
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    Turning the power off first to the refrigerator would seem to be a good idea! ;)
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    Oh man...that could have been the whole problem right there. :oops:
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    Ha Ha
  11. kellory

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    Frozen fishsticks anyone?[fnny]
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    Some one post PIX ,PLEASE so we can see what is so great about "catfish"
    Dogfish at least don't crap in the garden !!

    Was meant as a joke !
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