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    I went to our local high school football game and I figured it would be cold. I wasn't wrong. As I tried to keep warm I looked around at people in flip-flops and t-shirts. This reminded me of how stupid and unprepared many are. I have been reading Lucifers hammer and I was appreciating all the modern day to day stuff in my life, everyone takes these things for granted. I think even the prepared are not ready for SHTF. I hope it never happens. Oh, our team won and there were nice fireworks.
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    You can't prepare for everything. You don't know what SHTF is going to consist of.
    Will it be financial collapse, nuclear, or natural disaster on a wide scale?
    What would a natural disaster look like, pandemic, weather event ?
    All you can do is stockpile those items that you need and use regularly, and try to figure out how to make as much as you can to replace those items once they run out.
    Just doing that you'll be better off than those who do nothing.
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    The problem with society in this country (as in most developed countries) is we have discouraged, even outlawed in some instances....., personal responsibility and self reliant independence. Very few at large (surely a higher percentage here) realize how close we are to a mass extinction of our species due to a wide range of factors from financial collapse to oil depletion to a CME. One splash of bleach throw in the petri of humanity, and we could potentially be knocked back to the recommendation of the Georgia Guidestones of 500million.
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    I think the democrats are actually aggressively working toward that end.
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    A giant dumbing down of our society has been going on. How many young men can fix cars or homes? I read an article about how the amount of hunters is going down. Everywhere I go people are staring at their phones like zombies.
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