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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SB21, Apr 6, 2017.

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    I'm no 'puter wiz. I don't know how to post links. But some of you may like this, maybe even heard about her. If you like Bluegrass music, banjo's, and just plain old good down home people, which is what comes to mind for me when I hear this type of music, then go to Mean Mary.com. She has some of her original music, plus some remakes . From the home page, read her Bio, it's interesting. She has a lot of music videos on you tube as well. I got hung up there for better than an hour watching her play. She's going to be playing within a few hours drive from my AO in the next few months, and I think I'll take a little trip. I have no affiliation here, just passing on something someone may like.
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    Cross posted in other threads....good music. :)
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    Great music, Love me some five string pickin! For you Train aficionados, that vid was shot at Mormon Rocks, El 'Cajone Pass!!! Pretty awesome sight to see a consist led by 8 engines and 4 pushing engines just to get one up that grade!
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    nice voice also... me likes!!!!! I like the banjo and not too many musician play it anymore... I like those old Civil War songs with the banjo, sends shivers up me! LOL! But, one does have to ask the question...why 'Mean Mary'? Is she a rather...awkward person? :)

    BTW I bookmarked the website to listen to more when I have time. Thanks!
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  7. Tully Mars

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    Proud Mary was already taken[doh]
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    It seems somewhere in the BIO on her website it told the reason, but I cant remember why she went by that name. I may reread the bio myself to find out why. It was either in the BIO or in one of the YouTube videos.
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    Ah yes! Here "With the help of her mom, she wrote her theme song “Mean Mary from Alabam’.” The press immediately baptized her with this handle, and she’s been 'Mean Mary' ever since." It is a catchy name. I was just curious. I am going to listen to a few of here Utube songs now...
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