Randall 18, Adjust a Knife to fit your needs

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    Gunbunny made an observation about his test of a Sykes-Fairbain knife. His test of penetration suggested that he had the best knife for his use.

    It is always a good idea to test your gear and along the way you may need to make a few changes. My first look- see on a new piece of gear is how it was presented for use by the vendor. I then compare that to at least two things.

    1. How is it delivered and by that I mean the physical things like coatings, sheaths or design changes that may be a bit different than presented in the advertisement site you purchased from.
    2. How will it fit my needs? In this the sales people and visual arts crew will often do a bit of Photo Art to make a knife or other tool look better and to have that “I Gotta Have Look” for the buyer.

    My example below is from a respected Knife Manufacturer and I do understand that changes are now in place for this Randall Model 18. Some of this is from the feed back of users and other changes are from the fact that I made this purchase 40 years ago.

    The Randall as received was a beauty, all shiny and smooth, a glass polished finish on the handle slabs and shiny brass rivets on the sheath body. I soon found that saltwater and brass have the usual growth ability to turn green and grow their own sticky substance. This was repaired by removing the Brass and using a field expedient source of stainless steel screws and nuts. A sure fix that last to this day and solves the problem for me..

    The handle slabs were found to be slick, even when dry, a layer of friction tape was first used but still not to my liking. The first chance I had at a sand blaster was at a repair facility. I blasted all that pretty shine away and had a well shaped, non sticky, traction plus handle.

    Never feel that there is only one way to use your tools, make changes that work for you.

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