Range for sighting in AR10......

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by BTPost, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. BTPost

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    Range1. Range2.

    This is 100Yds in front of the Cabin... The next calm Day, Momma and I will be shooting the AR10, and finishing the Setup on the Optics. The far beach is 995 Yds.
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  2. Harbin

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    You have an incredible view, sir. Wow
  3. melbo

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    Nice BT. Take some pics while you're shooting
  4. BTPost

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    I will post the results, when they come in...
  5. franks71vw

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    So BT, are you accepting fellow monkeys to enjoy the Wilderness in Alaska...
  6. Quigley_Sharps

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    Where's the freedom bar ? :)
  7. Icefoot

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    I thought the target WAS the far beach. 995, huh? going to get some practice on that after sighting at 100? Nice place!
  8. Brokor

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    There's no way to beat a shooting range in your yard. :)
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    Almost high noon in Ak. Wheres da beef ?
  10. BTPost

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    Any Monkey that shows up, is Welcome at my Fire........ It is a LONG Swim from Town, or an expensive Bush-plane ride.....
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  11. BTPost

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    TheBeach is the intended distance, once the Optics are Sighted In. The BeachBoss tried his hand, this morning, and before making ANY Adjustments,
    He was only 2" to the Left and Right On in Elevation, @100Yds. The Sight-In Procedure is:

    1. Do Normal Sight-In at 100 Yds.
    2. Do a Group @ 200 Yds.
    3. Measure the average Projectile Drop of the 200 Yd Group, from the 100 Yd Sight-In, in inches.
    4. Enter that Number into the Optic's Computer, along with the Ballistic Coefficient of the Projectile.
    5. Once done, then shoot a group at 400 Yds, 600 Yds, 800 Yds, and 1000 Yds, using the Aiming-point
    as determined by the Optic's Computer, and fudge the Ballistic Coefficient for any observed Differences.

    At that point you have a 1000Yd Weapon, ready for Anything. If you change Projectiles, than you have to
    reenter a New Ballistic Coefficient and Fudge-Factor into the Optics Computer. Just understand, the Optics
    here cost MORE, than the Firearm, itself. For my needs, this is the perfect weapon, and was purchased specifically
    with my Requirements in mind.

    Weapon: DPMS AR10 .308 Winchester, 24" Stainless Bull Barrel
    Optics: Burris Eliminator III 4-16X 55mm Objective Lens, w Built-in Laser Range Finder & Projectile Drop Computer.
    Ammunition: Original Sight-In done with Custom Loaded 165 Grain FMJ Projectile, powered by 42 Grains of IMR 4895
    Sweet Spot Testing: 5 shot Groups of Custom loaded 165 Grain FMJ Projectile, Powered by a Range of IMR 4895 loadings from 39.0 Grains to 45.0 Grains, in .5 Grain Increments. Once the Sweet Spot Loading for this Barrel is found, then I can calculate where it should be for any different Projectile, and will make a 1000 Yd Test Loading up with Nosler 168 Grain Spizer Projectile and confirm the New Ballistic Coefficient and Fudge-Factor, with that new Projectile, and adjust the Fudge-Factor if needed.
  12. STANGF150

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    Is that a sorta road or just a washout on the far beach?
  13. BTPost

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    Well, Kind of... There is a "lagoon" where we store the City Floats, (just behind the BurnBox) during the winters, and just to the left of the Garbage Burn Box is the Road that leads down to the lagoon. We have 24Ft Tides around here, so the Lagoon, is either Dry, or full of Sea Water, twice a Day.
    Across the Inlet, that Gravel area, is a Creek, that comes down from the Top of the Mountain. during the winters the Snow slides down that ravine, and creates a Glacier, that caves into the Inlet, at High Tide. That side of the Inlet, is Glacier Bay National Park, and there are NO Roads anywhere over there, Period. The Greenies would come UNGLUED, should anyone even suggest a tree get cut, for ANY Reason. It must be left UnTouched, so the Touristoes can see what REAL Alaska Wilderness looks like. Your Tax Dollars at work.....
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