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    So a long time friend and fellow gun owner came to spend the weekend with my and my family, after much BBQ and fireworks sunday we made it out to a new (to us) range.

    We had my 30-06 ATR mossberg, my newly finished frankenAKm my 10/22 ruger, my 45 kimber and my cz-52, raven 25 (POS).

    FR-7, FR-8, kimber pro carry, walter P-22 target, and another cz-52,

    I am not going to write up about all of these.

    I had the chance to test fire my frankenAK for the first time. It worked with only 3 hickups, they were all where the hammer followed the bolt forward. this happened 3 times out of 80 rounds. I think im still in the break in time.
    I will say with the muzzle brake everyone knows you fired.
    (for those that have not followed my build the frankenAK is a AMD-65 kit with a full size stock, the AMD-65 has a short barrel so it needs a extended muzzle brake perm attached to the barrel to be legal)
    As for accuracy at 25 yrds i was cutting out the bullseye, @ 50 grouping opened up some and it was hitting a little high. and at 100yards i was still able to get them all in the target. I was impressed with its abilities. Now to get the scopemount and a red dot scope.

    My 30-06 held its ground at 100 yards with MOA or sub MOA groups
    I tried rem 150 grn normal and it did ok. My 30-06 doesnt seem to like 180 grn rounds. I also picked up a box of the Remington Acclerator rounds
    55-Grain PSP Bullet, 4080 fps
    They were not as accurate as I would have hoped, they hit high as i kinda expected but the grouping was not great. still they go fast. @ 36 for 20 rounds, not going to be pllinking ammo at all.

    The FR-7 and FR-8 both in 308 need some help, they were not grouping as would be expected of a bolt action rifle, but they are not mine to play with.

    the kimber pro carry seemed to have more muzzle climb than my standard custom II, and the walter p-22 does not like yellow jacket rounds.

    the CZ-52 gave me some trouble and im going to be taking it apart when i get home.

    As for the range, its a really nice setup with a group of people that are not of the babysitting type. and @ $65+$5 for a year pass, the cost is right where I like it.

    If anyone is looking for a good range south of austin PM me and ill send you the info ( i would post here but dont want anyone to think im with the company.)

    questions, comments are welcome.
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    Gotta love the range 'fireworks'! [gun]

    I did one range with a buddy Friday, then another closer range Saturday with a different buddy.
    The second day, I shot my FR8 testing some handloads - 165 gr. Gamekings over W748 powder in brand new .308Win brass. I used my V-notch rear sight, and shot at 50 yards (old eyes!) - did real well. Got most rounds inside two inches.

    Friday's range visit, I shot my Yugo M48A Mauser in 8mm. Tested some 220 grain Spitzer loads, again at 50 yards. Got all shots within an inch - this rifle likes her bonbons with extra calories! [lolol]
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