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Discussion in 'Range reports' started by ghrit, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. ghrit

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    We don't have a separate place for range reports so far. Might be a good idea to have such a thing. If we get enough, we can sticky this.

    Took one of the Russian girls out for s&g, and to find out what she and I can do. Tickled her 17 times, she kicked me back 5X; I am not as recoil proof as I was 20 years ago. The PAST recoil pad did it's thing well enough.

    1943 Moisin Nagant 91/38 iron sights set at lowest setting.
    172 gr Wolf, allegedly not corrosive.
    Benched and rested in a shaded shooting station, 4-1/2 inch bullseye.
    Winds calm, no clouds, 75 deg, for 9 rounds (not counting an uncalled flyer off the paper) slow fire after 7 practice, fouling, and warm up rounds.
    9.25 inch "pattern" at 100 yards, slight vertical elongation, roughly centered on the bull.

    Now, that shows I might not have done my part, but I shoot better than that with other iron sighted rifles. Then again, maybe she didn't like the ammo. Then again, maybe she is just not a good shooter. Vertical pattern is probably due to old eyes not seeing the "fuzz" at the bottom of the bull the same way every time. Flinch is possible with the long and military catchy pull, even with the sear greased.

    An MZB standing up facing me will not get away, even so.

    Next time out, will try some of the 182 gr Bulgarian milsurp.
  2. E.L.

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    Man, rough group there. I need to group my MNs. See where they shoot at that range. I'm all up for a range report session, but I do not see much activity until the price of ammo comes down. Now that we are seeing more on the shelves, hopefully the price will be coming down as well. Right now most do not want to dip into their stocks.
  3. tacmotusn

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    I'm up for burning 11 rounds after a fashion just to see how I do. I will use my MBR (for bunkered down), I have a lighter MBR for patrol. For targets I will post 2 AQT reduced military silhouttes (it is a upper torso 1/4 reduced silhoutte) that at 100 yards represents a 400 yard full size target. One shot only, prone with bipod, and a cold barrel on first target. second target, shot immediately afterwards, warm/hot barrel, 10 rounds rapid, same prone / bipod position. Best possible score I can get is 55 points cumulative for the 2 targets. I have only shot this rifle up to now at 25 meters. I have 3.5 to 12 x 50mm optics on this rifle ..... my eyes ain't what they used to be. I will honestly report the results good or bad tomorrow.[gun]
  4. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    [dunno][dunno][dunno] Well, that was embarrassing. Don't let anyone tell you that where your rifle prints at 25 yards is where it will print at 100 yards. [beat] My fairly new MBR was only fired at 25 meters (28 yards) for 400 rounds or so. at 25 meters slowfire prone it shoots under 1 inch. Rapid just a little larger at 1.5 inch or so maximum. It was sighted in 1.5 inches high at 25 meters. [ROFL][ROFL]And now for today results. first target, cold barrel, prone with bipod, .308 DPMS AR-10, 24 inch SS match grade heavy barrel, shot with optics set on 12 power. wind 0, single round 7.5 inches low, perfect on windage. second target, warm/hot barrel, all except performance the same, 10 rounds rapid fire, 7.5 inches low, 1.5 inches left on windage, overall group spread 2 inches. Total cumulative score out of 55 possible ... (zero) All shots would have got the job done on a full size target. Even if I was aiming at the tip of the nose, it would have been a mortal neck shot. But, I am cleaning the rifle now and will tweak the scope accordingly and do this again tomorrow. [dunno][dunno]
  5. ghrit

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    If you are spot on at 25 meters, you'll be high at 100. Go here for data that will point you toward the elevation effects. I think you know this already, the bullet is still rising at 25 meters, and may still be at 100. IIRC the mil standard is 200 meters for point blank zeroing.

    exterior ballistics
  6. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Believe me I have always been taught that a quick and dirty 25 yard zero should be darn close to 100 yard zero as well, because of rising bullet at 25 yards and falling bullet (balistics parabolic arch) at 100yards. Hell. I taught rifle and pistol marksmanship for 2 decades in the service. I qualified as expert rifle marksman with M-14 first time out.

    But I am telling you I had this rifle eating one hole warm prone at 25 meters (28 yards). it's stored in a padded hardcase in the gunsafe. This rifle has not been beat around since last shot. All scope mount screws etc have been checked for being loose or something, and no defect was found there. The damn gun shot 7.5 inch lower than the 25 meter zero. Go figure! ....

    I have tweaked the scope for a warm/hot gun zero.

    I will give her a try again tomorrow morning....its storming here now
  7. NVBeav

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    Thanks for the link! There's some nice reading there...
  8. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Re: Range report 18 july 2009

    Well that was humbling. 8am, wind still, 100 yards, patrol rifle, H&K SL-7, .308 Win., open factory sights (diopter peep rear, hooded post front), 2 targets (army AQT 1/4 size), when posted at 100 yds it represents upper torso of a man at 400 yards, shooting standing from behind barracade (over roof of car). the object of this exercise is to get hits on target preferably in the black (rough triangle 6 and 3/8th wide by 4 and 5/8th high) thats the 4 and 5 rings. Lowest scoring rings is (8 and 3/8th wide by 7 and 5/8th high. sight picture aiming point was 6 oclock centered on bottom of black. one shot cold on left target, followed by 10 shots warm/hot rapid fire on right target. out of a possible 55 points .... zero
    durn that is embarrassing to say. All shots on target frame were high or over the target frame. those on the frame were looking good windage wise but was only 6 of 11 shots and never cut paper on the actual targets. this sucks. this is my go to gun. i have killed a score of deer and wild dogs with this rifle just as it is. I am going to have to put glass back on this rifle. I have the glass and claw mount and am happy with it, but pulled it for fast shooting on the dog packs as they got to be a problem and it was easier to thin them out with open sights as the shooting was close and fast. well obviously I got some work to do and I will report my next attempt. anybody interested in some honest postal matches???
  9. ghrit

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    Hm. Granted the old eyes syndrome, but did you co register the irons with the glass before taking it off? Almost sounds like sight adjustment would help. Ammo fairly fresh and consistent (i.e., not beginner's reloads)? All high like you relate points toward hotter loads than originally sighted in for, or lighter bullets. Lotsa variables, one of which is heat related. I'm completely unfamiliar with the HK platforms, but if heat dissipation is uneven top to bottom (heat retained on bottom due to stock configuration, for example) the barrel will tend to bow upwards and throw shots progressively higher.


    Fair to assume this is the target?
    AQT Targets I-V
  10. E.L.

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    I have to admit, that I haven't conducted a range report on a rifle at that range with open sights in several years, if not longer. I am way to dependent on my optics. Tac, you said that you have killed game with this rifle, was it with open sights? Have you sighted in the iron sights recently?

    Thanks for the report, without testing our equipment and ourselves we do not know how we will perform when we actually need to.
  11. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Open sights Question... was addressed in original statement. Yes it has had the optics off for 2 or more years. we had a serious feral dog pack problem here for a while. on the 80 acres where I am at and some surrounding planted pine areas I went out of my way to engage these dog packs and feed the buzzards. shooting was close and fast. i actually lost track of how many i put down. a rare few had collars. even less had tags. many acted like coyotes or wolves in temperment towards humans but instead of being totally elusive some were aggresive. yes i made several quick good kills with this rifle over a long period of time with the open sights.
  12. magnus392

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    We submitted a Range Report on the Monkey Rifle open sights. Now we are just waiting on you:D
  13. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    EL I missed your question about the target. The link you provided shows the entire range of targets used by the RWVA at "appleseed shoots". Yes, I am using their largest Target. It is the same size as a sheet of computer paper turned sideways. Appleseed uses it in "Stage one" at 25 meters for offhand standing shooting.

    This indeed is the target I use at 100 yards for all my testing and range reports.
  14. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    New successful Range report with H&K SL-7 .308 cal "patrol rifle". 2 large stage one appleseed targets. posted at 100 yards. Shot standing, rifle across top of car with piece of canvas thrown down to protect paint. light wind, 1 round cold barrel on left target in 5 ring at 9 o'clock 1 inch from dead center of 5V ring. 10 rounds rapid on right target, warm/hot barrel, 7 rounds grouped 2.5 high x 2.75 wide, scored 31 (5-4-4-4-4-3-3) the 5 was center of the 5V ring, unfortunately the 3 non scoring flyers (all me, rushed, pulled shots) opened the overall group to 5.5 wide x 4.25 high. total out of 55 was 36. I may have to slow the rapid fire just a little and improve on this. all 11 rounds were fired in under 30 seconds and that includes a magazine change. all in all I was pretty much pleasantly surprised. by the way this was the first rounds thru this rifle since putting the scope back on this afternoon.... no sighters at all....lol The scope is a Bushnel 1.5 to 6 X with switch to illuminate reticle, scope set on 6X. ... H&K claw mounts return to zero so well it is amazing![gun]
  15. jim2

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    Interesting, thanks! I'm going to have to start using optics myself. These old eyes don't do so well at extended ranges anymore.
  16. bnmb

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    And if you still have problems with sights and optics, just toss a grenade at the target... :D
  17. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Actually, I have it sorted out quite nicely. Like a few others who said they could shoot off their porch, I checked out my situation and surroundings and cut a firing lane from my covered porch out to 100 meters, ending on the side of a small hill. I always post fresh targets after a shoot, so that next time the urge hits me, or someone drops by, rain or shine, we can bust a few caps. Every rifle has been tweaked, and will perform nicely if needed. Prone, sitting, bench or offhand, all readily available.
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