Raw Pork + Sun = Yummy.

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by C.T.Horner, May 11, 2016.

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    So I found a pork shoulder in the sale bin at the supermarket yesterday. The price was so low I questioned the sell by date, but decided to take a chance. Got it home and found out right away why the low price when I opened the package. It looked like it was cut up by a blind epileptic butcher suffering from the DT’s.

    Not to let a good crises go to waste and rather than cry over spilt milk, I decided to make lemonade. Well ok, farmers ribs cus’ lets face it you can’t actually make lemonade from fatty pork.

    Anyway, I liberally seasoned the meat, and fired up the grill to it’s hottest setting just short of fission, and seared the heck out of the lopsided ill misshapen pieces of fatty pork. When good and colored on all five to nine sides, I put the still raw pork into a Dutch oven. Then I put the Dutch oven into my solar cooker.

    Four hours later I drained some of the fat into a bowl of barbeque sauce, and slathered it on the meat over the grill at a much lower setting this time. Closed my eyes and would swear it was the best ribs I ever ate only meatier, and fattier.

    As a side note my original sun oven is over 30 years old, the reflectors are dull, and well worn, and over the years I have had to replace the wood trim. But she still gets to 400 degrees in full sun without any wind. Best investment I ever made.

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    Teaching classes in a couple weeks on DO cooking. Anyone have pics of equipment/gear they would like to share. Thanks
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