Rayovac Lantern & Eneloop Test and Review

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Hanzo, Sep 18, 2015.

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    Was talking to @Bear about Eneloop batteries and the adaptor sleeve for C & D size batteries. We were looking at these 3 AA parallel D size adaptors. I have been using the single AA Envelop D adaptor in my lantern for years. We take it camping and I typically change the batteries out about once a year. They have never died on me, so far.

    Some info... a typical D battery is about 8000 mAh and an Eneloop AA is about 2500. The Rayovac site says the lantern runtimes on 3 D batteries are 40 hours on high and 60 on low. So what I expect is for the lantern to run about 1/3 of those runtimes with the 3 AA's.

    So here's what it looks like with the 3 "fresh" AA's. I am not sure when they were last charged up, but suspect recently.


    The Rayovac lantern is a solid light. The 240 lumens is plenty in the dark. I set up the lantern for the test downstairs. And when the lights went out, I could see a very bright light spill upstairs from my bedroom. So while it isn't the brightest, it works for most things.


    Still going after 15 hours, so I call the hypothesis correct so far. The AA's make the lantern much lighter and it is easy to carry spares as well as a charger for camping, as I do. But truth be told, never needed them yet.

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    17 1/2 hours


    It is now about 19 1/2 hours. Dim, but still lit. Last entry. Gonna call it good enough. Don't have D batteries to run that test. Haven't purchased them in many years since I started using the Eneloops.
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    Thank you so much for posting this @Hanzo. I have never used the adapter sleeves and was wondering if they were worth the investment. I really appreciate the in-depth report on this. :5s:
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    They work quite well. I like that even without the capacity of the larger C or D batteries, it doesn't matter as much with rechargeable batteries. Just replace the more often. And it really lightens the device. Maybe for something like a Maglite, you may want to keep the heft for non-lighting purposes. But lighter and faster is ok too. Maybe less momentum but likely more kinetic energy. Oh, I digress. I no longer buy C & D batteries, just more Eneloops.

    And like I was discussing with @Bear, add a battery pack and a solar charger to go with a USB charger and you are good to go.
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    Left the batteries running until failure. They finally died shortly after the 50 hour mark. Granted, after 12 hours, the light was not full power but gave usable light. Probably the last 24 hours was in moonlite mode. But I am satisfied with the performance.

    Maybe my next test will be the Eagletac D25A with an Eneloop AA on moonlite mode. Listed at 150 hours. That's almost a week. We'll see. If I do it, I'll let you know.
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    Good test, thank you! In most situations, ANY light is better than NO light, right? (y)

    I just invested in some Eneloop AAA batteries that Newegg.com had on special. Definitely going to keep my eye open for AA's and some adapters going on sale now, too!

    Oh, and if you're wondering about what batteries are easiest to find after a disaster, I can tell you my own personal experience was that C cells and 9V batteries were the only ones to be found, after my first typhoon on Guam. AA, AAA & D cell batteries were rare as hen's teeth, within 36 hours of the typhoon all-clear, and stayed that way for about a month. That's why I invested in a C cell flashlight (which I still have), fan, and radio.
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  7. azrancher

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    So... I have some D size adaptors that use 2 AA NiCads, where do you get a D size adaptor that uses 3?

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    Ebay showed several. Cheap enough too.
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  9. Hanzo

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    Saw it on eBay.
  10. azrancher

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    Yes I just ordered 8 of these... (actually 2X4=8)

    4 PCS - 3 AA to D Size Battery Cell Converter Adapter Holder Case Fit Duracell

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    Let me know how they work out, @azrancher.
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    @Hanzo, I'm working on it, the ones from the fridge didn't work, re-charging Envope batts in their charger to re-test, the D-cell holder is nice, 3 cell pop in from the outsides.... it should work.... news at 11.
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    I have 3 of those types of lanterns and agree with @Hanzo that they are quality. The one on the left is a Taotronics, but is indiscernable from the Rayovac on the right. They have a nifty little green blip that helps you find them in a pitch dark tent (or for someone else to see you). The Taotronics (from Amazon) has a strobe.

    The orange 30 Day seems to be brighter, but that could just be the frosted window.

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    @Hanzo, follow up on the 3 cell holders.... I have them in a 3 cell mag light, not real bright, probably would be better if I used the Krypton bulb for the 2 cell mag light, also you have to realize that some of the ni-cads measured 1.2+ vdc, but there was one or two that measured around 1 vdc so it will discharge the other 2, and with 3 cells you are running that bulb at almost 1 volt less than it was rated for, so it's more than just a direct swap out of batteries, you need to change bulbs also.

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  15. Hanzo

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    Mahalo for the update, @azrancher.
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