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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by deMolay, Mar 23, 2019.

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    Anybody have a cross reference chart showing what Redfield reloading components will fit RCBS press? If you do or know were I can access a chart I would be grateful. I am looking in particular for bottom shell holders. Thanks
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    I meant Redding not Redfield another brainfart moment.
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    The Lee kit is supposed to be universal and should include all standard sizes.

    [dunno] [dunno] about Redding specifically .. .. was gonna say Redfield makes scopes and accessories, did not think they made the other stuff .. ..
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    Most brands interchange dies and shell holders, but not all will! RCBS, HORNADY, and DILLION are the ones i know of, and im pretty sure Lyman does as well, but cannot confirm that! For what it matters, i use Redding presision dies exclusively, and on my Dillion, its the ultimate set up!
    Im also looking to add the Hornady ammo plant to my set up reather then upgrade the Dillion, the Hornady is a better set up for rapid changeovers!

    Hope this helps some!
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    The Lee kit is a package of 11 [ not 12 ] and includes #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11 and #19

    $32.98 for all 11 instead of almost $10 to $20 each when sold separately

    the pic is incorrect, it is *not* a 2 pack. it is a single kit of 11.

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    One thing about RCBS, they have the largest amount of accessories, options, and tools available, and have for a lot longer then any of the others! Lyman is another good supplier, but they have been kind of slow to bring new stuff out!
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    Good chart. It even has .220 Wilson Arrow, .348 Winchester and .43 Spanish on it!

    Shell holders are a running battle for me. I try to keep the shell holders attached to the turret plate with the dies, but "borrow" one frequently enough to cause myself problems. My latest trick is to string all the loose ones on a big loop of coat hanger wire. I can just push them over the joint where the ends attach, so I can isolate the one I need and open the loop to pull it off.
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    Thanks Hot Diggity that is what I was looking for, I have a mixture and it is crazy trying to keep them lined out. Thanks again I saved that.
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