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  1. UncleMorgan

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    Here is an aspect of Islam that I had not been particularly aware of:

    1400 years of Inbreeding

    Inbreeding apparently has the dual effect of diminishing the viability of the inbred population and simultaneously increasing the likelihood of a beneficial mutation if natural selection is operative within the inbred population.

    Humans are noted for their disinclination to lose children to the working of natural selection. Medical intervention is the usual response to an imperfect child.

    That's very humane, but it works directly against the evolution of the human species.

    And the smaller the subject group the more radical the effect.

    If marriage to non-Muslims is forbidden, and marriage between first cousins is permitted, there are only a few ways that Islamics can avoid inbreeding themselves to extinction:

    1) Start destroying defective Muslim babies, in imitation of (or as a working of) Natural Selection.
    2) Increase the number of Muslim women by raping them ten times each, and then marrying them.
    3) Conquer the world, and make Islam the only religion.

    The third option seems to be the only practical course in the long run. So far, Islam has made considerable progress in that direction. At some point the Muslim population will become so large that it will become genetically viable, and inbreeding will no longer be a dignificant concern.

    In some areas, such as India, that point may have already been reached.

    Wikipedia sez:

    Inbreeding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Scrolling down to the "Humans" section. the part about "Prevalence" brings to light some interesting figures.

    I note that India is not included in them.
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  2. azrancher

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    I'm too lazy to Google this, but are their studies on humans that show this to be true, it would have to have been a closed community with no outside intervention. I know in breeding poultry you always want to breed father to daughter or grand father to daughter, but try not to breed brother to sister.... Although I have lectured them time and time again... do not mate with your sisters, hit your mother hen.

    Never mind, I read the Wiki entry, although like Snopes I take Wiki with a grain of salt.

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  3. John Grit

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    There are studies of cultures that allow marriage between cousins (such as Muslims). The average IQ goes down. The Muslims immigrating to Europe have an average IQ in the lower 80s. Most of them are illiterate in their own language. The Roosevelts married into their own families because they thought no one else was good enough (and to keep the money in the family). I doubt anyone has studied the results of that for political reasons. Some people who worked with FDR said he was an economic retard.
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  4. azrancher

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    And of course it could be lower IQ due to lower education.
    And I'm not defending the retarded Muslims, but typically in-breeding leads to birth defects, and to say FDR was a retard is like saying Obama is a retard.

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  5. John Grit

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    Go do some research. You do not know anything about IQ, the studies on inbreeding, or the Roosevelts. They have even put a number on the result of marrying cousins, stating just how much it lowers IQ. It was members of FDR's administration who said he was retarded when it came to economics. Since he made the Depression much worse and last until after the end of WWII, they have a point. The standard of living went down during the war, so the Depression didn't end because of the war. Even if you had a war-related job, there was nothing to buy with your paycheck.
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  6. Airtime

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    So, I'm confused... you'all are saying there is biology and scientific basis for calling ISIS a bunch of Mother Fu@kers?
  7. ghrit

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    Settle down, John, and re-read the CoC item 1.
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  8. John Grit

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    I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I'm settled down. Education and IQ are two different things. I didn't call FDR retarded, never met him, but some in his administration did call him retarded as far as economics was concerned. Certainly his response to the Depression was wrong or "retarded." The PBS special about the Roosevelts stated that they did indeed marry within the family, and Eleanor was FDR's cousin. Her name was already Roosevelt before she married him. That is what I meant by he didn't know about the subjects. I wasn't calling him stupid. Maybe I didn't make myself clear. Sorry.
  9. chimo

    chimo the few, the proud, the jarhead monkey crowd

    His response to the Depression may have been wrong or retarded as per your point of view...but since he is the only person who actually knows what his motives were and whether the outcome was what he desired, you'll have to wait until you join him in the afterlife to ask him about what his motivations and expectations actually were. Personally I think he accomplished what he intended...a huge expansion of the federal government and increased dependence of the people on Uncle Sugar's regurgitation of our money.

    as far as this whole inbreeding thing...ain't we all descendants of Adam and Eve? Whoa. ;)
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  10. John Grit

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    Only if that story is true. Not saying it isn't or is and don't want to get into religion. Scientists say humans bred with Neanderthals and we still carry their genes, so it wasn't all interbreeding. I do agree FDR wanted to buy votes with leech programs and make sure the Democrat Party could do that from then on. He certainly was successful as far as that goes. Again, his own administration members said he knew nothing about economics.
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  11. azrancher

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    OMG, you mean we're related, or just 2nd cousins...

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  12. Dont

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    Hey, maybe... I do have some cousin's living around Glendale...
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  13. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    Well--not exactly. Or rather, not exclusively. One breeding pair is simply not enough to create a viable population.

    Fortunately Adam's first wife, Lilith, came from a large family. And of course, there were Giants in those days, so we all probably got a good bit of Nephilim in our pedigrees. Then too, Adam's daughters were hot babes, and the sons of God married up with a bunch of 'em, so then you just had a whole lot of genetic diversity all gettin' tossed into the population like there weren't no tomorrow, but there was and so here we all are.
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  14. azrancher

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    I think I may have dated them, are they a little hairy, like pits and such?

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  15. John Grit

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    Then there are the ancient aliens who bred with humans and genetically altered them, along with apes. :)
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  16. azrancher

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    Yes I was there, they came down from the skies, and bred with us monkies, and we have come down out of the trees to create the internet, oh wait, Al Gore created the internet, he must have been one of the elite monkey's

  17. VisuTrac

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    oooh, demonize and dehumanize your opponents.
    Awesome, another great use of the classical propaganda techniques use throughout history.
    Let's just call them towel heads or camel jockeys to make it more obvious.

    I'll stand by for the Ad hominem attack. ;)
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  18. stg58

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    PETA and the other animal rights groups should protest this abuse of goats.
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  19. John Grit

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    Science, not propaganda. And I don't consider all Muslims enemies.
  20. chelloveck

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    [LMAO]:lol:[ROFL][fnny][roflmao] There are folks who actually believe that kind of post hoc explanation for genetic / racial diversity.

    Growing beards, marrying first cousins and a number of other culturally approved practices stems from the copycatting of whatever Mohamed did is approved of, what ever Mohamed disapproved of is haram....had Mohamed have married a 2nd cousin, and not a first cousin....Muslims would be marrying 2nd cousins and not 1st cousins. It is likely that in many areas in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, consanguineous cousin marriage was probably common before the rise of Islam, Islam undoubtedly has reinforced the cultural practice.

    Consanguineous marriages: Preconception consultation in primary health care settings

    The good news is that bit by bit, with exposure to western culture those practices will progressively is the kind of prospect that has the mad mullahs plotting and promoting jihad.
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