ReactOS - A windows clone Open Source OS

Discussion in 'Technical' started by wastelander, Apr 12, 2014.

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    I was meaning to write something about this here for a week or so, following the thread about Windows XP but my lacking English and not feeling I have the knowledge about core computing needed to tell you guys anything useful besides that the OS works great on the hardware I am evaluating it on and it looks and feels alot like a classic windows desktop I have not.
    Now I stumbled upon this review however and I thought I'd share it with you all, it is kind of old and I personally feel that ReactOS is a full and well working OS on it's own and so far I haven't ran in to any major bugs despite the Alpha status, something I can't say about the Windows versions I have bought for good money in my life so far.

    ReactOS review |

    ReactOS Project << Project homepage

    (The hardware I'm using it on if useful info for anyone: Compaq "Something" old SFF office box with a 32 bit architecture Intel running at 2Ghz allthough it's supposed to run at 2,4 (I have no idea why, flashed the Bios firmware and it is SUPPOSED to support the said CPU at full speed, but I'm no expert) with 2Gb of second hand ram and a Nvidia 6200 and an IDE HDD I scavenged from the junkyard.)
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    interesting, thanks for posting, I'll take a look at it.
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    Ran the pre-built VM image just to take a look. Interesting concept and frankly I hope it takes off. I agree with @DarkLight that if it comes too close to "the real thing", all bets are off and the site, source-code, builds (and maybe the developers) will disappear. Okay, maybe not disappear but this thing will be shut down and go the way of the 100mpg carb. [tf]
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  4. wastelander

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    If the 100mpg carb had been free and could be copied freely by anyone with a car I am guessing its destiny would have been different, but who knows.
  5. kellory

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    I don't believe it ever existed. I don't believe there is that much energy IN gasoline in the first place, regardless of how efficient it is burned.
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    I agree, it never existed, an old wives tale. However, gasoline is one of the most energy dense substances readily available on a per pound basis. That said, the internal combustion engine isn't the most efficient way to recover the energy.
  7. kellory

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    And yet, it used to be a waste fuel burned off with live torches. There is still a symbolic torch burning in Purdue Indiana.

    Edit; what source of energy are we wasting now? Waste heat maybe? Spent fuel rods?
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    I dont know. Have to read up more on the subject. Just heard about it today. I know the energy I see wasted most in the world is the one where people focus on stuff that dont matter while stuff that does matter falls apart.
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    I don't believe in the 100mpg carb either. It was a bad example. Just figured I should clear that up.
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