ready to take a life...:(

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Tango3, Mar 22, 2009.

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    I've got two sites I do for our local bike shop theshop site and the flattrack race organization site, (yes the url sucks.)fora few weeks the links have been going dead it was becoming a maintenence night mare so I figured I'd rebuild, start from scratch and clean out my directories,did that, uploaded,and the old site remains unchanged in its busted state..(I think its copied somewhere) wandering around the server folders and find .htacesss andphp files i don't think i had anything to do with popping up , the hosts user forum has everybody complainingabout a"php injection attack


    Tech support pointed me to a "fix after submitting a ticket at 0130...I don't know jack about php scripts; (I hope I can get through their redirect) and have no time to learn; the race season is coming up fast..I just want control of my domain again.
    and to peel the skin off the little girlfriendless pimply phucker who thinks this is funny ;with vise grips and my kabar.[gun][gun][gun]any advice on securing /public_html???[dunno][dunno][beat][beat][beat]
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    God, what ever you do, don't anybody hide the remote from him!
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    Tango I don't know anything of what you were talking about but I can tell your Pissed about it ,take a deep breath a stiff drink relax and don't forget your BP medicine .
    I'm sure you will get all under control.
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    No I don't but if you send me your email via PM I will put you in contact with some folks that do.
  5. Tango3

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    I think;
    I as usual made a negative assumption, on limited information...researched and backed up my erroneous feelings..and was fully confident in a not really sealed waxpaper kinda way(how's that for a metaphor?)...
    But called tech support and my domain was set for"addon" instead of "parked". Don't remember ever doing that but it is possible.Yes I was pissed and thought I had been hacked and lost control of my domain name..... I was just really more full of excrement than usual...its Tough bein me...

    Just roll him around in the dirt abit;
    he be okay...:D[reddevil][cmfrt][flm]:D[peep]
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