real ID has not gone away...

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Mar 10, 2008.

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    If I was the governor of any state it is really simple to screw the moron chertoff... Just pay for an ad campaign that due to the this new forced rule and regulation by the department of "let the illegals come in cause we dont want to do a damm thing about the situaion" aka Homeland security that your State D.L. is not good enough and thus please go and get a a U.S. Passport. You will see how quickly things will change. They cant produce enough passports in this country to even reach the goals of the western hemisphere initiative how the hell will they even get to if everyone starts to apply to us a Passport to travel domestic. I would then turn around and nail the agency and compain to chertoff that the people in the state are not being supplied with passports in a timely fashion :D these jack butts dont know what the hell is going on... Hell why dont the tell the department of State to stop making such easily counterfeited N*I*V visa etc food for thought but what do i know
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    "Somestates are not gonna seek an extension " sounds like those states don't intend to follow the requirement. Good for them "just say no".
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    The option, I suppose, is for everyone to not bother with the extra paper required to go thru the fast lane, and just choke the slow lane. Would be highly bothersome for a while until they got the message that the population doesn't like the idea very well.
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    I use my passport to get on planes now. I will drive without a license before I'll participate in another uselss burning hoop designed to close the walls tighter.
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    Gotyour homeland security "twit"(???) certification yet? so you can still drive the boat???
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