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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Tango3

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    Heard this this other day"real I.D. is still alive though several states have resisted on purely economic grounds. Only now its pushed out to 2017.
    The hyperbole(extreme language) surrounding all this homeland security stuff makes me gag, "Its vital to national security....," real I.D. will be needed to fly or enter a federal bldg...guess I've taken my last airplane ride; As If I would ever want to get in to a federal bldg(it would be because of a court order...)
  2. Brokor

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    There will undoubtedly be some trickery involved, per usual. The Federal Gov't hasn't released its final decision, and once that is done, the individual States have no more than 60 days to apply for an extension -if that is missed by any means, then they must accept the new I'D system. On top of this, there will be pressure through 2009 to include illegal immigration, terrorist scares, and flight issues with people who still use the "out of date" and "less secure" state issued I'D's. Additional pressure from the government, such as making it impossible to travel outside the US without a new RealID, by revoking any older I'D's and passports, will make the acceptance of the program even more successful. A state can only attempt to control what happens inside that state, and cannot expect to control international travel security programs.

    With the Texas highway programs, increased international travel, and all of the beforementioned obstacles on the horizon, each state that continues to abandon the RealID will only be putting off the inevitable, and will make matters difficult only for themselves. The predicted deadlines in place are also fluid -a 2014 deadline can easily be moved forward. Without notice. ;)
  3. sheen_estevez

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    Now I have to find a job that I don't have to leave the house to do, then do away with any I.D. [booze]
    But I'm sure there is some law on the books that states I have to have a I.D.
    if not I'm sure there will be by that time.
  4. Brokor

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    No Sheen, there is no law, nor will there ever be (not constitutionally anyway) that will require you to have an ID. All licensing (this is the way governments issue privileges) is derived from Franklin D. Roosevelts acts alone, having amended the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917, to include ALL citizens of the United States, as per his Pres. Proclamation #2039, dated March 9, 1933 which was authorized by Congress under USCA Title 12, Section 95(b), granting all presidents complete authoritative control (dictatorship), along with the Sec. of the Treasury, believe it or not. Basically, I tell you this so you know that all licensing comes from this single point in our history. These are not laws, they are "colorable law", which only has the appearance of law, and are enforced as if they were law. American Jurisprudence defines that an illegal law is dated back to its original inception, and every act which followed is completely void of legality, or is known as being unconstitutional. Since the "President" was operating under admiralty rule of law, and an Emergency of War Powers Statute (with no end in sight because it's still in effect), the constitution was placed on "hold", if you will. Courts operate under admiralty to this day, only calling it "statutory", which is a circular term with no definition, meant to discourage the mundane. Essentially, your drivers LICENSE, marriage LICENSE, social security LICENSE, etc... are all effects of living in a dictatorship in which the enemy of the federal government (that's you), must be licensed to function. Now, to be fair, the marriage license is an offshoot of the first "intermarriage licenses", also known at the time of post-civil war to be miscogeny, or inter-marrying between blacks and whites. Even so, the states quickly adopted the marriage license like never before during FDR's reign.

    Pretty much all the SH*T today comes from the early 1900's, when our government was most heavily assaulted by the European Banking Cartels and their minions. Everything that happens today is just the final implementation and practice for integration with the rest of the world in a final phasing for World Order and Rule.
  5. sheen_estevez

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    We say this now, but at the rate things are going in our .gov who knows in a few years. Will all be sitting around saying to our grandkids Back in my day we had this thing called the Constitution.....
  6. Blackjack

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    I think I remember my Grandpa saying that to me.
  7. sheen_estevez

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    Sad but true
  8. Tango3

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    real I.D. no fly=no drive????

    Now we have Chertoff and ABC telling us the same rules may soon apply to driving a car. As Chertoff told ABC, the Real ID is about preventing "terrorists" from driving � with illegal immigration tacked on as a selling point � and, if the behavior of the FBI and the Pentagon are any indicator, the real terrorists are not Muslim guys who were trained on U.S. military bases and had a fondness for cruising topless bars, but are antiwar activists and other troublemakers.
    Soon enough, many of us � those who believe the Constitution says what it means � may be reduced to walking to work and the grocery store� that is until a Real ID card will be required to hold job or buy a loaf of bread."
  9. monkeyman

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    In essence there are aleady laws on the books in many/most states that make it a crime to not have an ID and have it on you. Its required by law in many/most states that you present ID (not just tell them who you are) if a LEO asks for it for any reason or no reason and you can be charged if you dont present it. So it may not be a law that you have to gt one but if you ever encounter a LEO be it as you walk down the stret or they come to your door for some reason and you dont have one to present thn you are in violation of the law in those states.
  10. ghrit

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    Yep, and if you don't have some money on you, it is (in some jurisdictions) prima facie evidence of vagrancy.
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