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    Did a FTF with some folks here in CA. Friends of family and a friend of a friend. 1 single mom with 2 kids, 4 and 6. I dad separated from mom with 3 kids and a single woman. And one Rambo type that dad invited, thought he was a 'survivalist'. Harr harr. [sawgunner] Showed up in full BDU. He had gotten dad to buy a Large black rifle, lazer, flash light and 1500 rounds. IMHO shoulda been spent else where first. Onward, Dad was trying to figgure out what he needed to take care o his kids (about 1 mile away) single mom same (had 3 or 4 days of food and a little H2O). Single woman just for herself and maybe a friend or two. So here is a general over view of what I suggested.
    1 water, explaned storage and preservation, they sell reverse osmosis water here. Had to tell them storage time of such. Also be rid of the blue thing in the tank on the toilet.
    2 sanitation, Rambo, Ill just use the yard, uh, ok if ya like desiese (sp), didn't go into pit toilets, got one at home, lime ect..porta pottys,like for
    rvs that are not self contained, 5 gal buckets with good strong garbage bags.
    3 Cooking source, one had fire place but not alot of wood, salvage it! Stoves and fuels. Lotta yard sales and swapmeets here, get them cheap but check them out B4 you need them, where to get parts ect.
    Rambo 'I got a case of MREs" [hissyfit] Yea, gunna use his 4 canteens of H2O to heat it.
    4 Meds for who ever needs them, 1st aid training. Rbow,'gotta surgical kit' Sure I'll let him take out my gall bladder[LMAO]
    5 food supplies, single mom had mac and cheese and spagetti O's no way of cooking and not enough H2O to cook in.
    This is just part of what we talked about, Boy do I love that Rambo guy, He left first and I warned the folks left there about this type, Single guy was confused, some. Good for security he thought. We had a good talk about it at the local watering hole a little later. Just my HO on that type.
    Luckly the Rbow guy don't know where single guy's kids are.

    Might write some more but it is kinda hard to get several hours on here all at once. snowbyrd

    PS biggest threat here is earthquake, did some talking on lighting too
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    They are certainly out there, Movies and tv produce these guys whos' first and only "survival" plan is to buy the biggest, baddest.308 and walk the earth taking what they want.....I've run into plenty, They are gona be real hungry, real dissapointed and a large part of the problem....
    Educating them and others will help the rest of us to get by...
  3. snowbyrd

    snowbyrd Latet anguis in herba

    shopping for single mom

    Just an old softy for them kiddies. Just got back with water jugs, A case or two uh, three acually, of the stuff da kids like. Canned easy to heat stuff and some fruit cocktail. Don't know about educating this rambo, I think he read Too many DEATHLAND books.[loco] [axe] No Mil exp,limited camping, and no real real experience at all, not in the real word. [dunno] I might try to speak to him again once I get the others on track..Yeppers, gave them some web links ect[winkthumb] Any ideas are appreciated. snowbyrd
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    Once they have food, clothing, and shelter, and sanitation covered during a brief infrastructure shut-down, they should be able to think in terms of longer durations. A good exercise is to shut-down a part of the grid for two days to start; no electricity for two whole days will educate someone faster than a book. No running water for two days will make them think they are pioneers.
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