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    Recently I’ve been asked more than once about my position on the III Citadel that some folks are setting up and what I thought about it. I was also pointed to some of the surrounding drama that’s taken place of late. Here’s my take:

    I hope like hell the III Citadel concept grows and flourishes.

    Pretty simple, huh? Why? Because the concept is Tribex10. These aren’t folks looking to march into D.C. and make some grand and final stand but folks that want to build a safer and freer society for them and their posterity. I applaud the hell out of that. Am I a part of it? No – I have my focus here in my battlespace and I’m winning.

    On the drama surrounding it? In every movement, with every aspect of our culture there will be people that tear things down or seek to destroy because of whatever petty jealousy exists in their heads. Maybe they miss some former imagined glory, who knows? Who really cares? Folks these types are agitators (although I prefer the term Drama Queens) and ignoring them will make them go back to the obscurity they deserve. Look, no-one is perfect. But to insist one’s own background is irrelevant because of their current position while throwing stones at another’s background is pure and utter hypocrisy and reeks of a childish mentality or at least of someone with low or no self esteem. If the shoe fits wear it.

    Folks ignore the agitators. If you work hard enough and are dedicated enough things will happen. And ignore the drama queens in tutus that seek to tear things down.

    And that’s the last time I’ll address this.

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