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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Clyde, May 24, 2012.

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    If we did that, then everyone will freak out and go underground
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    mmmmm...that thing needs a hard-reset.

    46 million on food stamps eh (15% of the country). Only in the U.S....where even the poor are fat.

    I'm surprised at the 'Savings Per Family' stat. I don't believe it. Maybe "Of those who have savings accounts, here's the median amount."

    How frikken depressing.....
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    There's a plugin for Wordpress, and I am sure with some hacking it can be added. Unless the code is more easily found, I don't think it would be a simple task. Not difficult, just not simple either.

    Hey, in 2016, if the debt grows at the current rate, it will only be 1/2 again the size it is now...huh. I think that's modest. Of course, the monetary system should collapse before then, but who knows?
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    Thats been the same since 2006 , and the record needle has been skipping .
    It's all an insinuation to keep you smarter.
    Try 20+ trill

    Lets see if Broker computers comply

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