Recall Movements Beginning in Colorado

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    Recall Movements Beginning in Colorado - Survivalist Forum

    Recall Sen. Evie Hudak:

    Recall Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak | Facebook

    Recall Sen. John Morse:

    Colorado Accountability

    Colorado Accountability | Facebook

    Recalls on reps and legislation are somewhat complicated where they are allowed and have some financial costs as well but they are a tool.

    Will see how far these go.... wouldn't mind donating for such a cause. At least I bought most of my ammo and powder early.

    "We're actively looking for new members to help volunteer! Any skillset you may have would be valuable, including just donating some time to helping get signatures for recall petitions.

    We are also looking for people local in their districts that are interested in getting in on the ground floor with planning a recall in their district. All recalls will be ran by local groups, Colorado Accountability is just a way to organize.

    There are two ways to get involved. Either send an email to or check out our forums and sign up. Check out a thread in the public forum about which district you're in and post there.

    You can also sign up below for our mailing list to keep updated with the latest news."

    Colorado Accountability


    Formal Recall Petition against Mike McLachlan initiated:

    Mike McLachlan's recall paperwork has been officially filed with the Secretary of State. Now we wait for a few days to hear back from them that it's certified and then we're a go for collecting signatures.
    Recall Mike McLachlan
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    Go for it Colorado'ens, and I WILL DONATE to that very worthy cause...
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