Recent Court cases: Vote Fraud

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    Recent Vote Fraud Cases

    South Carolina- 02.18.08
    Eastover’s mayor and police chief are scheduled to go on trial together Tuesday, charged in connection with an election fraud case. The two – suspended mayor Chris Campbell, 41, and Chief Tim Ford, 35 – are charged with conspiring to intimidate witnesses after absentee ballots changed the results of a hotly contested town council race. More

    Mississippi- 02.16.08
    Seven more witnesses took the stand Friday to testify in the court proceedings contesting the Woodville 2007 primary election. The victories of Reginald Jackson, sheriff; Mon Cre Allen, circuit clerk; and Richard Hollins, District 2 Supervisor, have been contested amidst allegations of vote fraud. One witness, Terrance Stanwood, testified that he was given $1 and a hamburger after voting. More

    Georgia- 02.15.08
    The State Election Board fined a Valdosta nursing home employee $1,000 for improperly assisting residents with registering and absentee voting. Courtney Griener, Activities Director at Lakehaven Nursing Home, acknowledged to the board that she had completed voter registration paperwork for two residents and completed absentee ballots for three residents. More

    Mississippi- 02.15.08
    Two sisters, Latosha and Latonia Goodrich, testified under immunity to being complicit in vote fraud during court proceedings contesting the August 2007 Woodville elections. Latosha Goodrich testified that they met with Connie Hollins, sister of District 2 Supervisor Richard Hollins, in a Texaco parking lot for the purpose of filling out absentee ballots. More

    California- 02.12.08
    Chris Kavanagh, who faces six felony counts for allegedly misrepresenting where he lives, has resigned from his post on the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board. The criminal charges against Kavanagh are still pending, and he's due back in Alameda County Superior Court on Feb. 22 for a preliminary hearing. More

    Indiana- 02.11.08
    A Lake County criminal court placed suspended police officer Ponciano Herrera of East Chicago on 90 days probation for vote fraud. Herrera, 42, pled guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge of acquiring a phony ballot in the 2003 East Chicago Democratic primary election. More

    Missouri- 02.09.08
    Joel L. Neal of St. Louis has been indicted on federal election fraud charges for attempting to cast an absentee ballot in the name of his deceased mother. According to the indictment, Neal’s mother died in October but her name remained on the roll of eligible voters. Neal requested an absentee ballot for his mother in January, claiming she was incapacitated. More

    Louisiana- 02.09.08
    Henrietta M. Williams, who was convicted for vote fraud during the 2004 Ferriday mayoral election, turned herself in to authorities on Friday. Williams, 56, was convicted on charges of filing a false public document after she filled out an absentee ballot under the name Maude Lee Williams. More

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