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    The most recent incident up in northerrn Arizona, a fire ( arson) was confirmed by 2 separate investigators today. The fire was started, deliberately, and it was hot enough to cause the frame of that mobile home to have the front 12-25 feet, bend. The front prtion of the frame was bent by the downward force (weight) of the rest of the structure, as the supports under the front end were removed...That pushed the heated frame upwards almost 3 feet!!! above the rest of the frame. The fire was started in the kitchen area, but NOT inside. It was under the trailer. Weird!
    Witness' accounts say there was no sound but a large and sudden "bloom" of black smoke! Now the sad part, the owners of this property have been deceased for a time and the land is in the hands of a law firm. It will be their sole discretion as to whether or not to persue the charges of Arson, criminal damages, trespassing,etc., etc.
    Right now the 2 "perp's" can only be charged by the state/county for "reckless endangerment" and "illegal burning".
    The "hit and run" will be a sole and separate thing, as it happened off that land and on a road.
    Fire investigators took samples, as they are mystified as to what was used as an "accelerant" in the fire. It was well above 5,000 degrees F. !
    No chemicals or traces of any liquids were found at the scene, and they took parts of the molten aluminum exterior, as well as soil and ash samples and what charred wood was still left...
    They stated that there was no way, even burning the trash inside that trailer and any carboard or wood products that would have managed to get the temperatures high enough and fast enough to melt the frame to the point where it would bend the way it is.
    Now I have lived in 2 mobile home parks since December of 1996, and I have seen a number of mobiles burn... ( at least 7 to date) from electrical fires, stove fires, candles, deliberate arson, and even an airplane crash. Fire always burns upwards and the heat goes upwards...I have NEVER seen a frame ever bent, even with the addition of a magnesium/aluminum aircraft body where only a small part of the engine block remained, and the aviation fuel went everywhere on impact. 2 trailers burnt and yet the frames remained straight and intact! Your guess is as good as anyone's at this point!
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    Some type of home-brewed 'thermite', maybe....? [dunno]
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    Not sure, It could be a mix of diesel fuel and oil...started off slow, built up a lot of heat, then flashed. The hole thing was incinerated in less than a few minutes, most say 4-5. But it came from underneath, that they are sure of.
    Knowing those derelicts, it could have been anything!
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    Seems weird that wouldn't be any (loud) sound...could it be that the witnesses were wrong about that? Dunno what else to say. Maybe it was a test run for something I'd prefer not to know about. Having a mobile we lived in when I was a kid be an arson casualty, as I recall, 15minutes or so is all it takes for them to burn down.
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    Any reasonable Arson Investigator would spot the AlO2 and Pig-Iron residue, if someone had use Thermite.... The same way they would have, in the Twin Towers debris, has there been any Thermite used, as suggested by some CT Whack'os..... Those residue just never goes away, even in rain, snow, or fire. It is like rock, it just stays right there.... ..... YMMV....
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