Recent flooding in New England.

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    We had the worst flooding in our area that I have seen in 25 years here early this week. The main road to work, a major state highway is still closed 5 days later due to mud slides, I have never seen that happen before. The small river came up 15 feet above flood stage and flooded houses and apartments that have never flooded before and a lot of basements flooded. The boss had 2 feet of water in his with 2 sump pumps being run by a generator as power was out. A lot of basements were flooded when power went off and the sump pumps failed. Memo not to store survival critical stores in basement

    Now our state motto is "Live free or die", but some people are facing charges as they wouldn't leave their homes when the police and fire departments arrived in a boat to evacuate them. The authorities said that they had to leave as they could not "protect" them. Now I don't see how I would be better off with the clothes on my back in a Red Cross Shelter than I would be in my own house with food a gena rater , several weeks worth of food and all, but you know rules are rules. Well Halffast described it very well in "Lights out" and I would hate to think what it would be in a nanny state like Mass or Calif. You never know what lurks in the minds of the authorities when they get a chance to play God. I hate to think of what would happen if they decided that they needed my resources, or after I was "evacuatead" that they had to "check my house in order to secure it from any damage and prevent any farther properety damage."
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    I would say sorry to the TPB but it's my house and my arse and I will be the one to decide when/if I leave. Of course here where I live there are on average 2 deputies on duty at any given time and they have 926 sq. miles to cover. So you are for the most part on your own anyway. [winkthumb]

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