Recommendations for concealed carry in professional attire

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by ItalianGator, Jun 18, 2010.

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    With or without Mandarin collar? lol
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    I've heard nothing but good about Cross Breed Holsters. They're supposed to be great at concealing fairly large pistols. Most everyone agrees they're super-funny-looking though, but it won't be seen when wearing it anyway :^)
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    Another vote for Cross Breed. I don't have one personally but I know several people that do and they absolutely love them. Most of the guys are LEO with stacks and stacks of every holster imaginable, yet they love their Cross Breeds.
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    I didn't notice anybody mention this, but something else to think of is the 5.11 Tactical Stow-Away Holster Shirt. I have one that I occasionally cary my Sig 228 in. It's pretty breathable material, and I have worn it in the heat before. Undo two front buttons ona dress shirt and you can draw it out just like a shoulder holster. Not my favorite way to carry, but it does work...

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    Fairly decided

    I've gotten a lot of good suggestions. Based on what I've read and discovered on the Internet, I'm fairly set on purchasing a white SmartCarry Secure model. It may not get me the quickest draw possible, but I had to trade that off for deep concealment. Being in a professional setting, sometimes in large crowds with people bumping up to me, and keeping away "signs" of gun belts/clips/etc. to the trained eyes that may be around (some clients are military), I think this deep concealment option is going to be the best choice. Having kids that may not have the mind to keep quiet when they bump a gun in an IWB holster may result in bringing some unwanted attention from an anti-gunner within earshot of my kids.

    After I finally get my permit reinstated and the holster worn in for a bit, I'll drop a line and share an honest experience. I'm hopeful that I have found a good option and won't have to revisit this topic.
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    Dress clothes (shirt tucked) and no jacket are going to make this difficult. A 92? Even the compact - fugeddaboutit!!

    Save some money, buy a 642, and go pocket or ankle carry.
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    Another vote for Crossbreed Supertuck.

    I've carried for 35 years and have never found an IWB that was so comfortable...or concealable...I carry a G-19 and rarely notice it is there.
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    I thought I'd share with everybody the result of my decision. I took everybody's advice and sought out to learn more about every option. I probably took much longer than was necessary in making the decision simply because there were some good options and I don't have all the money in the world to invest in the top 3. I had to go with just 1 for now and I wanted that to be a good choice.

    In the end, I decided on the SmartCarry holster. I chose this one largely because it seemed to be the best suited for deep concealment, a requirement I had being that I often wear professional attire where it's also too hot to wear a jacket. With it on, even with my large handgun (Beretta 92F Compact), there's next to no indication that I have it with me.

    And to be honest, the holster is so comfortable there are many times I don't even realize that it's on. I've also had no problem doing yard work, heavy lifting, etc. And because of its moisture protection, even the heavy sweat of working on a hot day keeps my handgun dry.

    If anybody else is considering a deep concealment holster, I would recommend this as an option.
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    Thanks for the update. Glad you got it sorted out and you've come up with a comfortable and workable option.

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