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Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by ghrit, Oct 18, 2015.

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    I have often tried to get a handle on the thinking process of the intel......scratch that, the over educated. I have had some ideas but this put the bullet points on target. Thanks ghrit. I am going to make a few copies.
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    Have been following it and have started to sow the seeds of this in the community of like minded folks here..
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    On the other hand, There wasn't much in the way of navel gazing intellectualism among Spartans or among the Golden Horde of the Mongols, and, undoubtedly, they had their tribal myths and legends to sustain them ....for a while, until they too crumbled. But the mark of a civilisation is that there is a proportion of the populace who have the luxury of time from the hugger mugger of hardscrabble survival to think creatively, to invent, nurture and develop ideas that have steadily improved the human condition.

    I don't think that many object to the kind of intellectualism that agrees with their own world view' It's the intellectualism that disagrees with or challenges one's world view that tends to grind one's gears.
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    The trouble is you probably weren't thinking of the left when you posted that. It's the left that shuts up anyone with a differing opinion. How many riots have there been at universities over a socialist or communist coming to speak? Have those who run universities ever said, "We need more diversity of opinion. Let's hire some conservative professors and department heads?" Universities just started banning any books that do not support "climate change" and the left even wants to put anyone guilty of being a "denier" in prison. Most of the worst violations of constitutional and human rights have happened under the watch of a Democrat in power. In other countries, like the UK, you will be arrested for criticizing Islam in the slightest, even when condemning the rape of children. A politician in the UK was arrested for standing on the street corner and reading from a book by Churchill written in the late 1800s that told the truth about Islam. No right trumps the left and their dogma, none. They are willing to sacrifice all constitutional and human rights to get their way.
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    In the US, that falls under "hate speech." We are not that far removed from the socialist doctrine of Europe (unfortunately.)
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    In most of the "civilized" world (Canada, Europe, Germany, Russia, etc.) you can be imprisoned or even put to death (officially in Russia for one, but the others have done it too) for owning a copy of an 1888 book called "World Domination through World Control" (actual title). The fun part is the book is all over the net for free. Gee, what is the left afraid of?
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