Reconditioning 12V Batteries

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    Restoring Batteries:

    FIRST THING IS YOU MUST BE CAREFUL!!! Battery acid can burn you!!!!! You’ll need Rubber gloves and eye protection!!!! No exceptions!!!

    Things needed:
    Rubber gloves
    Eye Protection
    Baking soda
    EDTA (most health food stores carry this)
    Distilled Water
    Battery Charger or solar panel
    Battery acid (most auto parts stores will have this)
    First remove the old battery acid from the battery by pouring the acid into a plastic bucket that has 1 cup of baking soda in it. Then fill the battery with distilled water, close the caps and give it a good shake. Then pour the contents of the battery in to the bucket.
    Now your ready to chelate the battery. Mix one tablespoon of EDTA (can be had from any good health food store – open the capsules if that’s the only way you can get it) into one gallon of distilled water, then fill the battery with the solution.
    Now you’re ready to put the battery on a slow, 24 hour charge. With the overnight charging done, check the battery voltage. If the battery does not come up to 12.5 volts at this point, putting the new battery acid in to the battery is a waist of time. If this is the case, the battery is beyond saving. If it does come up to 12.5 volts, empty the contents of the battery in to the bucket and replace it with battery acid. Then give it another 24 hour slow charge.
    My track record for doing this is 9 came up to spec and one did not.
    You’ll notice that most car repair shops have a place where they put old "dead" batteries. These are worth $8 each to them for a core charge.
    Let’s say you buy 10 of these dead batteries and pay $8 each for them.
    Cost of distilled water $1 per battery
    Cost of Battery acid $2 per battery
    Cost of EDTA $10 for a few dozen batteries
    Total Cost for 10 batteries and supplies $84
    Recondition 10 and get 8 up to spec and your cost per battery is around $10, not $75.

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    Very Good Info Thank you !!!
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