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    from infowars, mexican flag flown in front of stars and stripes after reconquista threats.
    Mexican Flag Hung Over U.S. Flag After Perpetrators Scale Huge Radio Tower
    Outrage in Montana after oldest radio station in America received death threats from Reconquista supporters

    Paul Joseph Watson
    [​IMG]There is a growing sense of outrage in Kalispell Montana after a Mexican flag was erected in front of a U.S. flag 200 feet up a huge tower that belongs to the oldest radio station in America - KGEZ. ​
    Before the incident, station owner John Stokes said that he was getting calls from angry supporters of the extremist La Reconquista movement, a separatist group that advocates the violent overthrow of the southern and western U.S. states, and had also received death threats.
    Two Mexican males entered the premises of KGEZ and demanded that another U.S. flag that was on a flagpole be taken down because it was "disrespectful". The flag was later stolen.
    On Wednesday morning the station's ice covered 400 foot radio tower was scaled and the Mexican flag was hung in front of old glory.
    The Kalispell Police blotter makes mention of the incident but it has received no attention in the media.
    We have spoken directly with Mr. Stokes and confirmed the details. Rumors that the flag was in fact Romanian are untrue. Police visited the scene and reported that it was a Mexican flag. Mr. Stokes confirms it was a Mexican flag.
    Similar incidents have increased over the past few years. Last month, a veteran from Reno, Nev. made headlines after he took matters into his own hands and tore down a Mexican flag that was being illegally flown above a U.S. flag at a local business.

    According to federal law it is illegal to fly any flag above the U.S. flag, and if flying more than one they must be on separate poles and be of an equal size.
    The latest incident will fuel tensions about U.S. immigration policy, especially in light of recent revelations concerning the explosion of illegal immigrants now living in America.
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    It'll get worse.

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    It will, they already have the gall to try to intimidate us (minutemen) into NOT trying to stick up for our own country. Waving the MEXICAN flag on US soil and shouting feces like "no borders".
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    Mexican Rag + Quart of gasoline + Bic lighter = problem solved. 'Nuff said.

    If they want a war, I'm ready. [beer]
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    [winkthumb] Theres not many of them here though I may have to visit someone with a higher consitration level so that I can get my bag limit. [beer]

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    I'm kinda hoping they start it up and kill off some of the millions of flaming scum on both coasts .

    I wont weep for the majority of Californians , New Yorkers , and several million other inhabitants of the slime states that created this whole mess to begin with with their creation of all of this cultural diversity garbage .
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    Just taking a guess, but I'm figuring that the powers that be will also be protecting the illegals and terrorists from anyone that wishes to commit the heinous crime of self-defense. That's what's going on in Europe and the Netherlands now. Google Gates of Vienna and read what is going on.

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