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    These are the results from a friend i drink wine with =)

    Balance Wobbly Furniture
    We all know how annoying it can be to be sitting on a chair or at a table that has uneven legs. Fix the wobbliness with a simply slice of cork fitted under the troublesome leg - voila!

    Use Them as Thread Spools
    Love sewing or knitting and want to make a quick thread stool? Worry not - a cork may be your perfect and cheapest solution. Not only can threads roll around it easily, their ends can also be slid in a small groove you can cut in order prevent the thread from dismantling.

    Keep Your Food Fresh

    Ran out of clips and want to seal your open packets? Corks come in handy here as well. By using a knife, cut half way through the dissection of the cork in order to create a firm opening which can keep packets closed.

    Make Drawer Knobs out of Corks

    Give a natural twist to your furniture by decorating it with some unique knobs. Drill a hole into the centre of drawers or cupboards if there isn't one already, and fix the corks tightly by using nails. You may want to use champagne bottle corks as they might make better knobs.

    Keep a Cork Journal
    If you are like me this isnt very practical but its a fun idea. When you finish a bottle of wine, keep its cork as a memory of the special occasion and label it. Store these corks in a presentable way and impress your guests with all the lovely memories you have to treasure.

    Transform Corks into Pin Cushions

    For an easy and quick way of providing yourself with a handy pin cushion, use a cork. You'd be reducing your rubbish and saving money. Paint your unique pin cushions to make them look more whimsical.

    Create Cork Candles
    ok so this one is cheesy but kinda cute

    Make Cork Stamps
    Corks also offer a fun and easy way of creating stamps, especially for kids. Use a knife to carve the top surface into the desired shape, dip it in some paint or ink, and get decorating. Personlized designs can be made so easily with corks due to their soft material - you may even try creating a whole alphabet set!

    The original Fishing Bobbers
    Another brilliant property of cork is that it is extremely light and impermeable, meaning that it can float on water. Just push in a wire and perhaps paint in color before tossing it in the water for the catch.

    Garden Labels
    Organize your garden by using a cork fitted onto a stick (vertically or horizontally) to label your respective herbs and vegetation.

    Fire Starters
    Don't use the synthetic corks! I f you're having a hard time trying to start your fire, add some cork to boost the blaze.


    hmm maybe I need a cork tree for my own bottling =)
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    Great ideas.

    I've also see mats made from corks to be used in bathrooms and other high moisture area's.
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    You can also use them as the basis for a fishing kit.... wrap the line around them and stick some hooks in the cork if you make them into bobbers with thin wire you can also ad some split shot weights to the wire...
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    I'm still drilling over the kellory m &m fishing kit. =)
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    Great post Ganado!!!!!
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