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  1. Bishop

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    It doesn't get any simpler than a recurve bow or long bow but it takes a lot more practice to get good with one. most people could pick up a compound bow or cross bow and with in a day or two be pretty good with it but not so with a recurve or long bow. it comes down to instant gratification there are some that due to injurys or time that can't shoot the old school bows but if you want a true trophy take a deer with a recurve or a longbow or even a self bow that you've made. to me the trophies not how big the animal is but what weapon or tool that I've used to take it with I've killed some nice bucks in my life but some of my best memories are with a recurve or Longbow or self Bow or even my atlatl that meant more to me than any of the big deer that taken with a rifle or compound bow or even crossbow. KIMG2536.JPG KIMG2539.JPG
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    Did you get him in the spine ? Did he run ? How far did you have to track him ? Just a few questions ,,,nice job !!
  3. Bishop

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    I shoot him face in away from me 14 yards hit him on the left of his spine into the left lung he ran about 55 maybe 60 yards I heard him crash the muzzy 125 grain point was sticking out just barely in between his legs a little more to the left
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    Congrats,,,I'm sure there'll be more to come ,,,the season is just starting.
  5. Bishop

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    Oh yeah I have a few more on camera at other spots
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  6. Zimmy

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    I've got a bodark stave curing to try making a new recurve for myself.

    One of these days I will make a penobscot bow.
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  7. AndyinEverson

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    Nice shot Bishop...!
    Traditional Archery is very challenging , yet also very fun.
    My favorite bow is a 58# Osage long bow made by Curt Brisky of Brisky Bows.

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  8. Bishop

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    That's a nice looking bow I have all kinds of recurves and long bows but I seem to always come back to the sage it has interchangeable limbs I have 40# 45#and 50# I took this deer with the 40# limbs going to order me a 55# and a 35# limbs also
  9. Bishop

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    Here is some better pictures of him about 115 to 122 # the average body weight where I am at they do get bigger but this is the average he about 2 years old small horns but that ok by me the last picture is what I want any way KIMG2543.JPG KIMG2545.JPG KIMG2546.JPG
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    No matter how long you boil those antlers,,,,you still can't eat'em,,,,
  11. Altoidfishfins

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    True story.

    The last shot of the cooler full of venison is the bottom line.

    Good job, Bishop!
  12. BlueDuck

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    Bishop, how many deer are you allowed where you live? We only get one here in north Idaho. I know some of the southern states allow several. I wish that were the case here. Our season goes from Oct. 10 til the end of Dec. I like to hunt and spend a lot of time in the woods so I don't usually shoot one until the middle of Nov. I like to be in the woods and see deer most every time I am out there, but I don't want it to be over, so I drag it out. Congrats on your deer and best of luck for the rest of the season.
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  13. Bishop

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    I can take two a day here hunting season opens in September and goes through January bow cross bow plack powder the regular gun and we are in zones each zone opens up at different times so if I travel to the difference zones I may end bow season in one zone but could go to a different zone and hit opening day some where else.
  14. AxesAreBetter

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    It's like 4 antlered and 4 antlerless around here!
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