Red Cross=police?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Ivan, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Ivan

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    I live in north Louisiana and I volunteered at one of the American Red Cross shelters last night. when i got there i found out that they were taking the fingerprints of everyone over 4 years old who came into the shelter and running their information against criminal and homeland security databases. what the hell? since when does the Red Cross pull that kind of shit?

    no one even seemed to care, except one or two people who asked "why do you need that?". am i just overreacting?
  2. RouteClearance

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    Not in my world your not. It's one thing if someone was causing trouble and the LEO's ran a back ground check on that individual, but everyone over 4, there is more going on here.
  3. ColtCarbine

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    What was their answer when you asked why they needed the info?
  4. Ivan

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    they gave me a spiel about not wanting any trouble in the shelter, and trying to keep track of people who had been displaced.
  5. RouteClearance

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    And only two "persons" out of the whole group of "Sheeple" dared to ask why! Now that is reassuring, NOT.
  6. TNZ71


    Don't know about the situation in LA but about 30K drove to our city and most were working folks with kids, dogs, etc. But FEMA brought about 3K refugees, sic Evacuees, by Train and by Bus. These were the homeless, addicts, welfare types and some invalids. I never saw so much as photos being taken. They were however run through metal detectors as they disembarked the Trains. Many guns thrown onto the grounds of the terminal. The Police and Firefighters were carrying their luggage like porters not Stalinistic Apparachniks.
  7. FalconDance

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    My standard response to such a demand (for fingerprints) is generally, "The FBI already has them - go talk to them." (USN security clearances a long time ago and more recently, CCW)
  8. ghrit

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    Odd. They didn't collect my prints here. (But they did in MA and VA. Go figure --) But my prints are on file in a whole bunch of places since '60.

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