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  1. Nickjlancaster


    Did anyone here see the remade Red Dawn?

    I admit it (and the original) are on my SHTF favorite movie list.

    I feel a special bond for the remake as part of it was filmed outside my office.


    It really was kinda cool to see hummers and a tank outside the break room. The couple hundred Asian soldiers running around was interesting too.
  2. kckndrgn

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    Nice. Watched the remake last weekend. The movie was so-so, and they left the ending wide open for a sequel.
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  5. Mechwolf

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    I actually liked the a point. It pissed me off when they lost their OPSEC (Lol almost gave it away) . It was interesting how it showed the sheeple and the sheep dogs just like it did in the first movie.
  6. HOP

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    I watched it ,good movie .
  7. Brokor

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    The original is still much better, and it's more of a work of art than anything. This new Red Dawn is a slimmed down mass produced version, complete with sexy girls and famous actors, and it only follows the cliff-notes version of the original. Granted, the new movie will always be "good", especially in my eyes, but that's because it's a remake of a classic. If we take the time to watch both movies, not much is different to warrant the remake, except to maybe get the younger crowd involved in the idea of identifying with a massive invasion and militarized government police state authority. It takes about three seconds to recognize their iPhones don't work, and to use one to snap a photo of a briefcase. Wow, big deal. The original had enough emotion and character development for the viewer to actually enjoy the film...the remake is just another modern day Hollywood marketing ploy.

    If you have the attention span of a gnat and the intellect of a rock, skip the original Red Dawn. Otherwise, carry on and stand ready.
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  8. techsar

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    Not impressed with the remake, compared to the original. Brokor pretty much nailed it IMHO.
  9. Minuteman

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    I didn't hate the remake but it was nowhere as good as the original. The writing lacked a lot and it was too one layered. In the original the kids are forced into fighting back and it shows their progression. And the whole transformation of Robert from a dorky kid into a ruthless killer is great character developement. I' don't analyze my movies that much but it made a huge difference in the first. I found myself not really caring about these characters. As a stand alone action movie without piggybacking on the classic original would have made it alot better.
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  10. Illini Warrior

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    sorry but parts of the movie were just tooooo stupid to be believed .... if the US and your city is invaded by hostile foreign troops .... don't expect to get a 12 inch sandwich from your Subway ......
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  11. UGRev

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    I enjoyed it.. It would have been tons better if they re-made it with the original story line (I liked the norks as the bad guys though) and better effects.
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