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Red fish

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by Bishop, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey+++

    Went out fishing in the air boat.

  2. Dunerunner

    Dunerunner Brewery Monkey Moderator

    How do ya cook 'em?
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  3. Thunder5Ranch

    Thunder5Ranch Monkey+++

    [marshmallow] With fire is my guess :)
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  4. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey+++

    KIMG0525. KIMG0526.
  5. Waydah

    Waydah Monkey

    That would be called a 'puppy drum' where I fish and likely wouldn't make North Carolina's 'slot' limit to keep, but a nice 'Red' none the less. I sometimes catch them in the surf using sand fleas (Mole crabs) I find along the wash using a 'flea rake'. This time of year big drum (35# and up) are being caught from the beach and piers in both N.C. and Va. using cut mullet for bait.
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  6. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey+++

    We have big black drum 40 50 # here also you ever eat sand fleas they are good.
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  7. SB21

    SB21 Monkey+++

    Are you in NC Waydah ??? I'm going to be out towards the coast for a while soon . I caught a small drum the last trip I had down there ,, no where near legal keeping range tho .
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  8. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    La.size limit is 16'' but the 12'' are better eating....just say'n

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  9. Waydah

    Waydah Monkey

    No. I'm in Va. We travel to the OBX to both vacation and to fish. I have a son who lives in Holly Ridge, N.C. on the coast who fishes a lot.

    Eat 'sand fleas'? I'll pass.
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