Red Jacket Firearms FFL Not Wills?

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    BATON ROUGE-- The stars of The Discovery Channel's reality hit "Sons of Guns" call a recent report by TMZ a bunch of lies.

    The report says owner Will Hayden and his daughter Stephanie were forced by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to give up their federal firearm licences after a "bunch" of weapons went missing from their store, Red Jacket Firearms.

    News 2 spoke by phone with people at the store, who said the article only shows a "fraction of the truth."

    Because of their contract with The Discovery Channel, they were not able to comment on camera, but their attorney, Craig Davidson, Jr. wants to set the record straight.

    Davidson said 10 guns did not go missing like TMZ's article says. Instead, "one or two" guns were stolen from the business during the years of the audit, 2001 to 2008. That was before the reality show existed. The rest of the missing weapons, according to Davidson, were not firearms, but rather pieces of weapons like receiver flats that were "thrown away or destroyed" when gunsmiths tried to fit them for other guns but made mistakes. Davidson says these were "simple bookkeeping errors" made when the business was just Will and his teenage daughter Stephanie, trying to keep up the books.

    The ATF, however, requires stores to track serial numbers for every piece of weaponry. Because that didn't happen, Davidson said Hayden mutually agreed with the ATF to shut down Red Jacket Inc. Davidson said at the time, Hayden was in talks with Discovery and moving to another store, so he already had plans to start another business, Red Jacket, LLC.

    Hayden's name is not registered to Red Jacket, LLC. Instead, the registered agent with the Louisiana Secretary of State is Vincent Buckles, a gunsmith at the store and star in the show. Officers are listed as fellow stars Joseph Meaux and Charlie Watson.

    We asked why Hayden's name isn't included. Davidson calls that a "confidential business decision."

    Our multiple calls to both the ATF and The Discovery Channel were not returned.

    Davidson says when filming for the show's next season begins, Buckles will not be returning, because he left to start his own business.

    Stars of "Sons of Guns" dispute TMZ report | WBRZ News 2 Louisiana : Baton Rouge, LA |
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    Buckles will not be returning, because he left to start his own business.

    This part...^^^ may in fact be true...and that is about all i can say for the time being...
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    They may have just become to popular !!!
    This always brings out TPTB !!!
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    Will is some kind of SOB ..... it crops up from time-to-time on camera ..... the last show he's bitching at one of guys for talking to his pregnant wife .... the whole thing about one of the guys dating his adult daughter is totally BS ..... he must be watching too much American Chopper .....
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    You know something friend...I have meet all on the show and Will let me shoot some of his toys..I really doubt that you would roll on down to Mamouth dr and say what you've posted...I pray the cameras are roll'n...That is all..Gator
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    Lets all just remember that we are ALL Monkeys, and as such We can, and will, have Differences of Opinion, on may issues. HOWEVER, One thing we should NOT be doing is challenging each others Manhood, or measuring our own, against anyone else's, In Public. If that kind of thing becomes Mandatory, due to ones Ego, take it eMail, or PMs. Decorum at all times, Please..... ..... YMMV....
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    You got it Brother Bruce...!!!
    and That is All...Gator...
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    if you have a problem with the way your buddy Will is being portrayed ..... talk to the show's producers or better yet, talk to Will ..... nothing I said was untrue according to the show ....

    I'm assumming you don't claim to be buddies with Paul Sr of American Chopper ..... like 90% of america, bet you think he's being unfair to his kids .....

    These guys choose to be on TV ..... they need to take the good with the bad .....
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    Was it the producers who posted the insult here as fact?

    I'm guessing that you never met the guy in your life and your insult is based entirely on your perception and judgement based on the TV portrayal.

    You chose to call him an "SOB" (not that he appears he might be one, or is portrayed as one, but "Will is some kind of SOB...") then tell him his argument is with someone else when he calls you on it based on personal experience.

    If you are going to insult someone, at least take ownership of your statement when called...otherwise it makes you look more like your insult may fit you.

    I watch the show and have never met the guy...but I don't think he is "some kind of SOB". He appears to have a few quirks like everyone else I know...or has been asked to act that way...but at least I have never known him to pass judgement on someone based on his perception of how someone portrays them and then hide behind the "portrayer".

    As far as this "Paul Sr", I do not watch that show and have never met the man so would obviously have absolutely no opinion (nor, I would bet, do "90% of America").
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    I don't think Will and Paul Sr. have much in common to compare. Paul Sr. is all out batshit crazy, and Will simply shows the strain of running a business. From what I've seen he's not much different than any small business owner I know. Nice guy but set in his ways and bound to get stressed and breath fire once in awhile.
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    I have many a conversation with Will and he far and away no SOB ,he is a giving person that has donated to many a board on the net.He would talk some of the guys through a problem they were having with a weapon when they would ask for help.As Rebel said he is in business and if you have never run one I don't expect you to understand that it is a real PITA when things are not getting done on time . So as BT has said this needs to go no farther!!!!!
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    in my experience(watching the show and having my own buisiness in the past),will seems set in his ways and wants things done his way.i agree completely,his shop,his way.just my opinion.
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