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    In the "old days" not so long ago... fundamentals meant that when the markets were down, commodities including Precious Metals were up....

    It was that "flight to quality" that you could always count on to tell you that all was right with the markets...

    These days... its not so uncommon to see the markets all red and down.... or more uncommonly all up and green.... including the dollar index....

    How curious.... even just some basic market common sense would indicate that all is not right.... how could this be....

    Lots of articles about manipulation in the market.... comments of key individuals, Fed Chairmen, Secretaries of State, Heads of state all send the market into a spin... but its that "unusual abnormality" that catches your eye and makes you go hmmmmm.....

    Gold and Silver should be rising if you just used some common sense about all the loses that are going on with the markets and inflation.... but its not....

    Makes you wonder.... Is this real?.....

    What's really going on?.... What should you do?.....

    Does someone out there not want you to make the right decision?

    You decide and make your own decisions about what's right for you and yours.... don't rely on what you see or hear.... it may not be real.....

    Hmmmmm..... Red or Green??? :D
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    This is exactly how I have been feeling. The markets are not following the economic theory.

    1) As our interest rates rise to counter inflation, the value of the dollar should also rise as people get back to wanting to own dollars. Dollar is not rising, but falling. What is the difference today? Are our trade and current account deficits getting too high for even increasing interest rates to entice others to invest in the old greenback?

    2) Low employment and a strong economy. Other than Michigan and a few of the rust belt states, most markets are still growing but not at the speculative pace of the past 3 years. Manufacturing...up, housing...slow in some markets, but growth states still chugging along at a decent pace. If our economy is growing above 3% annually, then we have a decent growth rate. Why all the doom and gloom across the country?

    3) Precious metals -- I believe the has been serious manipulation over the past year or so. The volatility makes one wonder who the F was at the helm of this rapid rise then fall. Everybody in the PM need to swim in it...then they sell their positions, take the profits and let the little investors get f'd. Silver went from 9.00 in Jan to 15.00 in May. Looks like the big manipulation to me. Longterm, I think these investments will do well. Just don't buy on ebay when you are drunk or you might pay too much :cry:. I always have a hard time buying into the "you gotta get into this because it is going to soar" buzz since the last 2 times I did that in stocks, I lost $30K. I think, to some extent, PM's were being used the same way. Buy right and hold for longterm stability.
  3. melbo

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    June 5, 2006

    Proving The Silver Manipulation Again

    (This essay was written by silver analyst Theodore Butler, an independent consultant. Investment Rarities does not necessarily endorse these views, which may or may not prove to be correct.)

    Over the past ten years, I have argued that silver has been manipulated in price. One of my goals for writing publicly about silver was to terminate this manipulation. While I know that many people can’t understand my obsession with the manipulation, I make no apologies for my convictions. There is nothing more basic or important than keeping a market free of manipulation. This is the cornerstone of our market economy.

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to convince the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), that large commercial interests manipulate the silver market. Long-term readers know how many different avenues I have taken to expose and terminate the manipulation. Many of you have participated in a number of the campaigns. For that, I am grateful.

    Even though prices have increased significantly from the low levels of years past, it is still obvious to me that silver remains a manipulated market. I have recently discovered what I feel is compelling new proof of that manipulation. The intent of this essay is to convince the CFTC and get them to act against the manipulator. The short position of the four or less traders (possibly just one trader) has become so lopsided and out of balance that it cries out to be addressed by the regulators.

    The CFTC’s most important responsibility is to prevent market manipulation. In order for the CFTC to satisfy this mandate, they are given a large taxpayer-funded budget and employ a large staff. In order to prevent manipulation, the CFTC relies on many different tools. These include speculative position limits, large trader reporting requirements, and various market oversight and surveillance techniques.

    For there to be a manipulation of any kind, it must involve only a few participants, or even a single entity. By definition, great numbers of participants can’t possibly bring about a manipulation. There must be a concentrated, large position in order to have manipulation. Because of this, the CFTC monitors the concentrated positions of the largest traders in every market that it oversees. It publishes the concentration ratios of the largest 4 and 8 or less traders in every commodity futures contract, every week, when it reports these concentration ratios in the long form Commitment of Traders Report (COT).

    This is the source data, which I claim proves that silver is manipulated. The very data that is maintained and published by the CFTC to monitor and prevent manipulation is what proves the manipulation. It also proves that the CFTC doesn’t even bother to analyze the data it monitors and publishes. According to the COT, for positions as of May 30, 2006, the 4 or less large traders in COMEX silver have a net short position that is more concentrated than at any time in history. It is far more lopsided in concentrated shorts compared to concentrated longs than any other major market. This short position is not only 3.5 times greater than the concentrated net position of the 4 or less largest long traders, it is also more concentrated and larger than any position held by the Hunt Brothers in the great silver manipulation of 1980.

    The actual numbers state that the 4 or less largest traders are net short the equivalent of 181,584,000 ounces, while the 4 or less largest traders are net long 52,506,000 ounces, To put this short amount into perspective, it is more than is produced annually on the largest silver producing continent, North America (Mexico, US and Canada). It’s larger than the combined total holdings in the COMEX warehouses and the silver ETF (SLV). The concentrated net short position is staggering in size.

    Does an extremely large and concentrated position automatically mean a market is manipulated? Not necessarily, even though you can’t have a manipulation without a concentrated position. But once you establish that a large, concentrated position exists, allegations of manipulation cannot be summarily dismissed. The situation must be examined with a higher level of regulatory scrutiny than as if there were no concentrated position. If there are other clues that suggest manipulation, then the regulators should be on red alert. I think those clues exist for anyone who takes an objective look. Start with the fact that COMEX silver has always had the largest short position relative to real world production and inventory. Then ask, why did the price remain comatose for decades while the market was in a clear documented deficit? In other words, what overrode the law of supply and demand?

    Another big clue is the silver price action itself. Because the shorts are more concentrated (and the longs less concentrated) in COMEX silver than in any other market, the price declines are always more dramatic than the price advances. Contrary to all the talk one hears about silver being in a bubble and run up in price by speculators and hedge funds, the undeniable evidence proves that it is the shorts with the largest concentrated position. It is easy for the shorts to collude and pull bids because there are so few of them. The longs are spread out and operate independently of each other, just as it should be. The shorts are cohesive and all read from the same playbook, in defiance of commodity law.

    Generally, the concentrated net long and net short positions of the largest traders are comparable. In the majority of markets, the position of the longs is equal to or larger than that of the shorts. These markets include wheat, corn, and soybeans, 3-month Euros, 2-year, 5-year and 10-year notes, 30-year bonds, some stock indices, hogs, cattle, cotton, and coffee, heating oil, crude oil, natural gas and gasoline. This appears normal, as legitimate and opposing economic requirements lead to rough balance between the largest traders in every market. But that’s not the case with silver.

    In the silver market, the concentrated short position towers over the concentrated long position to an extent not found anywhere. What can we say about this extreme condition in silver? Well, for starters, since you have to have concentration to have a manipulation, no one can dare suggest that silver is manipulated to the upside. However, on the short side, the unusual and extreme concentration makes a downward manipulation, not just possible, but probable.

    Turn this situation around and imagine that the extreme concentration in silver was on the long side. The regulators would be all over a concentrated futures long position of 180 million ounces, just like they were with the Hunts in 1980. The regulators at the CFTC and the NYMEX know that commodity law does not favor the shorts over the longs. So why do the regulators allow this?

    Furthermore, this concentrated short position appears to be naked. If so, it can result in delivery default problems. Just last week, Commissioner Hatfield was warning the Silver Users Association about the supply of silver, due to the silver ETF, and nationalization fears in Latin America. Is the Commissioner aware of this concentrated short position? Will he or the CFTC or the COMEX guarantee there will be no problems in delivery or pricing because of it?

    To make matters potentially much worse, the term "4 or less" is intentionally vague enough to hide the fact that one trader may hold the lion’s share of the 180 million ounces. In my opinion, the largest single trader holds more than 100 million ounces. This is equal to what the Hunts held in 1980. Because it is short position, it is potentially more disruptive than a concentrated long.

    The remarkable thing about the concentrated short position in COMEX silver is that it has emerged even as the total dealer short position has been reduced. This phenomenon is what directed me towards the extreme level of concentration. In other words, while all the dealers are closing out short positions, the very biggest trader(s) is becoming more isolated and makes up the highest percentage of total dealer net shorts ever, around 75% of the total commercial net short position. What percentage does it have to reach before the CFTC reacts?

    This is what makes the manipulation so obvious. Against a widely dispersed long position, the short position is more concentrated than ever. The CFTC maintains and publishes the concentration ratios for a reason. That reason is not to give me something to write about. The reason is to prevent manipulation. I think it is time for the CFTC to analyze and act on their own data.

    I am sending this article to the new chairmen of the CFTC and the NYMEX/COMEX, with a cover letter asking that they look into and respond to this issue. Generally speaking, there is a better chance of a timely response if many people contact them. If you do decide to contact them, please feel free to send my article.

    The Honorable Reuben Jeffery III


    Commodity Futures Trading Commission

    Three Lafayette Centre
    1155 21st Street, NW
    Washington DC 20581

    Richard Schaeffer



    World Financial Center
    One North End Avenue
    New York, NY 10282-1101
  4. Bear

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    What is "Real"?

    If its not "Real" then by its very nature it's a manipulation. IMHO.

    Shorts and Naked Shorts?.... Trading on positions without the actually physical backing.

    I guess you could argue that your paper dollars are naked shorts as well. Not "Real" therefore just a manipulation of reality.

    Your home is tangible so it must be real. It's worth?.... That must be manipulation as well.

    Funny how you buy a car and as soon as you take ownership.... its value drops dramatically. You buy a home.... and its value has appreciated dramatically over the past years.... Which is real? Which is manipulation?

    Maybe it's because after a certain number of zeros behind a number or value the general public doesn't care what's real or not. What's backed by real value or just promises of more zeros. Sound like inflation?

    Yup... Make it seem like your standard of living is rising along with your wealth and your gonna make the masses happy.... for now....

    Sort of like the "Company Store" analogy. I pay you wages because you work for me. And maybe I even raise your wages to make you happy. But you have to shop in my "company store". I make a tidy profit off of that store and even raise prices whenever I raise wages.... heck... sometimes I raise prices even when I don't raise wages..... oh and don't forget.... you live in "company" housing as well.... In the end.... you owe me money... a debt which you can work off in the mine until you have paid me back....

    Maybe it take um.... say until March or April of each year for you to pay me back for your debts.... sheesh... I have to run the "Company" right?.... but remember.... you still have to shop in the "Company Store" and live in "Company Housing".....

    Oh and you don't want to keep all that gold and silver dust I used to pay you in... someone might steal it from you..... so I'll give you an account at the "Company Store" and some note's that say how much gold and silver dust you have in "MY" safe....

    No reason to have all that gold and silver dust anyway... The "Company Store" doesn't take it as payment.... and neither does the "Company Housing Payment Company"....
    There now... aren't you happy?.... I'm taking good care of you and your family....

    After a while... you'll forget all about that gold and silver dust that it's "MY" safe.... you won't need it.... TRUST ME !

    So what's "Real" ?

    Unfortunately, you need to understand manipulation, embrace it, master it.... then you'll be able to see it, smell it, hear it, taste it and feel it whenever its around....

    It will help you make good short term and long term decisions.

    Still... like everything else... its still up to you to make the right decisions for you and yours... if you let someone else make or influence that decision for you.... then you get and will get everything you deserve.... just like anything else....

    Win Lose, Up Down, Good Bad, Red Pill Blue Pill... :D
  5. ghrit

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    Hm. Fiat metal can exist, too, it seems. Unreal "money" seems to come in solid as well as paper forms.
  6. melbo

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    Bear, I think you nailed it. If any reading this can make that leap... Realize we are all operating in the company store, they can finally get it.

    What's Real, Indeed

    Lot of red blooded talk of freedom around as well... What's it really mean: Freedom.
    Why and how are we more 'free' than others?

    The fish in Bear's aqaurium are free to choose which corner to swim to.... Not free to leave though. I think that we are free only as free as renters are free to re-wallpaper their apartments... In whatever pattern they choose.

    Just because you believe it to be so, doesn't make it so... We are definately in a stage of denial here lately. It's tough as the prevailing forms of communication/news are all telling one one thing while TPTB are all DOING another, which is usually the opposite of what we are led to do.

    I saw a thread here last week and it's title has fallen from my lips about 50 times this week, from the bank teller to the grocery clerk to my wife... "Most people are wrong about most things most of the time"

    If you are skeptical of the MSM on one issue, you should be equally skeptical on the others as well. Bear? I think this rabbit hole goes farther than I want to know. But, once you cross that bridge, how can you go back? I'm focused on a much larger collapse right now with a 1000X more consequence than TGD, (the great depression), All the talk of this or that bubble is a smokescreen or a diversion from the true situation.

    I've finally made the last leap and discovered the entire game and it's about to be....
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  7. Bear

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    "I've finally made the last leap and discovered the entire game and it's about to be....
    <For the rest of Melbo's great discovery, as well as his current portfolio, and his latest Stock tips and plays, Send $100 USD to MELBO> 20% discount for payment in Gold"

    [LMAO] [LMAO] [LMAO]

    Now you're really thinking like a survivor....

    Remember in the book "Deep Survival".... sense of humor and the ability to find opportunity in any situation is the key to surviving.... Don't let anything knock you over for long... seen the wonder in it and then key in on the opportunities.....

    We both know... with as many fortunes that are lost in any "event".... there are those that make their fortunes buy watching and being ready at the turn.....

    "Ready"... "Prepared"... "Planned".... heck.... its all the same words for just plain "SMART"

    Anything else sooner or later fails out of the gene pool... (if you know what I mean) [winkthumb]
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