Reduction of the middle class, not by accident

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    this article gives you the scope of the "big picture", that, some of us tend to miss wilst ranting about democrats, progressives, liberals, tramplers of the constitution..

    I've been aware of the UN's "agenda 21" protocols for a while.. Its real, and its there and I'm sure at some point in your life, it has touched you or a family member (unbeknownst to you or them) through local laws..

    anyway, if your not familiar with activist post, heres a link, good articles.

    Activist Post: They Love Death

    And as I've told my family members, when they run across some "undesirable moron" in their life,
    be careful upon what you wish for those you feel beneath you, because there is always someone above you saying the same thing.. (as far as "idiots shouldn't breed") or such..
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    Everyone must know their place.....

    • That is the basis of many caste systems....everyone must know their place....and stay in it!
    • watch the skit until about 1m:30secs then ditch when Benny Hill starts.
    • updated version
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    I look at it more from the point of view that you should be mindful of what wish to impose on others, as, there are others wishing to impose on you..

    And if we'd all get our way of imposing, at some point, 99.9% of us would get our feelings hurt..

    can't watch the plugins, I'm on a mac..
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    I understood what you were getting at.....I just want to make my own way through life as best I can...feeling superior, or inferior to others just gets in the way of achieving that goal...very few people are geunuinely happy with what they have, and few people don't feel the need to feel smug about other people's misfortunes or their own slighly better place on the dung heap relative to others that they consider lesser than them...there are also few people who feel so secure that they don't fear that they will lose what they have...or that they will not be able to gain the good stuff that their "betters" have, that they have not.
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