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    According to Rawles; "two is one, and one is none" must have seeped into my brain....(note to self: send Rawles a "Thank You, veddy much"!)

    Yesterday, I went to wallyworld looking for garden seeds...
    When I came in from outside the "nursery and garden areas" to the checkout, I looked up and was suddenly taken by surprise...
    I even had my son look and asked if he saw the prices I saw.
    He said he did too....
    I am NOT a believer!
    I waited in line for 10 minutes, chewing my lower lip off, and actually trying the "Jedi mind trick", to keep anyone else from looking up!
    Way up on the top shelf, against the wall, where few ever dare to look, was a Brinkman, propane fired, meat smoker unit...the nice one with 4 racks and all kinds of goodies, on sale!
    Now around town they run the gamut from $229.99 to $189.99....
    I was shocked to find this "goodie" for $139.00!!
    But wait,.... there's MORE!
    There was the smaller Brinkman, the "bomb" shaped, charcoal/wood fired smoker as well!
    Not to be out done, it was priced for only $30.00!
    AWESOME find, right?
    But wait,..... there is still EVEN more!
    Another smaller unit, another smoker, wood/charcoal fired, designed for turkey, chicken, roasts, and ribs! With a top loading lid, and a basket!
    By now, I was all fuzzy and thought I was seeing things...

    Finally, I got to the register for checkout, and asked the man there: is that sign correct? He said it was, as they were "close-outs"...!!!
    I thought I'd won the lottery for meat eaters!
    So, I bought all 3!

    I felt good, all 3 for only $199.00!
    I get them all home, and suddenly, my brain goes askew....
    Hmmmmm.....I wonder.....???
    Early this morning I go back, same man, same everything as before....
    There was something,.... NEW,... exciting,... and,... different!

    And of course, it was the "last" one they had, no box, (I mean who really cares?) It was already assembled and ready to go! (I'm easy!)
    So, I bought a 55 gal drum sized BBQ unit, with the smoker/fire box....
    Only $99.00!
    So, I'm there getting that fuzzy feeling once again, ( I'm gonna have that checked into,.... one of these days!)

    So, I have the new BBQ, and I want MORE.....Must have MORE!

    I asked where the other larger brinkman's are, uhoh....all they have is the last store display model on the shelf, and he asks, (like he can't see the crazed look in my glazed eyes!) You want that one from way up there too?
    So with a ladder, and 3 of us, we managed to get it down from the shelving.
    So NOW, I have 2 large items and 2 medium sized ones....I'll need a large platform dolly!
    They knew I was coming! They had 2 waiting at the back door!
    It took all 3 of us to load those wonderful "goodies" into my van..
    (It's a good thing I had removed the 2 passenger seats, and the rest of the "custom" items from inside!)

    I get home, all is right with the world, ( tunnel vision has definitely set in by now!).
    Reality time: Where in the world am I going to put all of my new "toys"?
    Well, 4 of the smaller units, in boxes now are "stacked" up in my hallway.
    The 2 larger brinkmans are stacked up in the living you enter the hallway...
    Not that that's a bad thing...except I live in a 12 x 60 mobile home!
    Oh.....Yeah not a good idea.
    BTW: The BBQ is outside, padlocked and chained to my tree!

    So I'll have to re-load these critters into the van, and take them to an already overloaded/overcrowded storage, with the rest of the "toys".
    I'm Wondering how they'll get along with the wood stove, water barrels, solar panels and the rest!???

    Next: A visit to the doctor, to have a ct scan of my brain, as it went into overdrive on this!

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    Great find(s). Congratulations!
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