Refining raw vegetable oil

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Airtime, Nov 9, 2012.

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    I live very near a soy bean processing plant. They purchase the beans from the area farmers straight from the field. There the beans are crushed and the bean meal is separated from the oil. The meal becomes animal feed. The raw oil is sold and hauled to some other plant for "refining." I'm exploring the potential to purchase the raw oil in bulk and refine it as necessary to use as diesel fuel or convert to biodiesel. No one seems to know how the raw oil is refined or what is required to be done to it. I've heard it is just filtered, that it is processed much like petroleum and a bunch of things in between. Any one know??

    Just thinkin. Thanks.
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    My friend you just need to google BIODIESEL, and you will find all kinds of sites with info & procedures to process it with, I too am interested in this but it would be too difficult to list all the web links etc., sorry. You should also check out the Article & Downloads sections on this site as well. .;)
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    I've done that and they all talk about converting used cooking oil or refined veg oil. I'm talking about soy bean oil that has NOT yet been refined or processed into the version of oil that is then converted to biodiesel as discussed on all those websites you've seen. Thanks for the thought and Merry Christmas.

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