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    Reflection for the day!

    I failed a Health and Safety course at work today.

    One of the questions was: "In the event of a fire,

    what steps would you take?"

    "Freakin' large ones" was apparently the wrong answer.

  2. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    the quiz was
  3. Seawolf1090

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    Hehehe..... once in the USAF, training to do an engine start on the T-33A trainer jet, I was in the back cockpit, and heard someone yell "FIRE!"

    I slid out of the seat, under the canopy rail and slid HEADFIRST down the airplane's side, hit the concrete & rolled and was up in a dead run, 50 yards from the airplane - when they yelled out there was NO fire!

    This 'Wolf don't like fire.........

  4. chelloveck

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    That was a cruel trick

    But undoubtedly very comforting that your reflexes and survival instincts would see you through a real fire incident. It underscores the benefit of practicing immediate action drills.
  5. dragonfly

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    Just another one of those NASTY 4 letter words!
  6. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    hey, LIFE is a four-letter word too :p
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