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    The definition of a refugee is one that has been forced to leave their country. As such in international law and "social justice circles" they are given special rights. The new application of the term now includes, almost everyone who wishes to leave their country, safety, low economic status, health, social attitudes to sexual preferences or sex, etc. They are attempting to the expand definition to those who are"underprivileged or in racial or other minorities" who are located in their own country.. The whole definition in almost all cases is based on using someone else's money or resources to benefit some selected group. in the case of those that Obama declared to be DACA, roughly a million and a half have been raised, had medical care, in many cases educated, etc While their may be humanitarian reasons to do so, the actions meant that some other group paid for the expenditures and perhaps equally deserving American citizens were deprived of the same advantages. If it is truly necessary to meet that particular social goal, why limit it to 1 1/2 million, world wide there probably at least 50 million children, young adults, and young parents that are just as deserving. And of course each year millions more will be created and as the recent migration patterns in Europe and the America's show, an almost unlimited number are willing to migrate if given the chance.
    If we have a large percentage of the US population willing and in fact demanding social justice and admitting the "refugee", they hate the words undocumented or illegal, and using our resources to care for them, what do you think their attitude will be towards using your resources for their own direct benefit?
    At what point did charity and caring for the poor, ill, aged, deficient, etc morph from a private responsibility to a state responsibility and now a federal responsibility? In my limited experience the so called poor, etc, and those that minister to them, use up all of the resources available and rather than solving the problem, expand their funding base and expand their client base and what it demands to receive. As a prepper this has two major impacts upon you, higher taxes and a degraded money supply to cover the debts created by these expenditures now, and a belief that they are owed it and the culture is willing to take it after any major societal upheaval. While I wish I could be more optimistic, most of Africa and much of the rest of the world is well down this path.
    Stating that they will take your resources from your cold dead hands may be a wide spread sentiment, but there a t most a few million of us and hundreds of millions of them now and they are increasing in number rapidly
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    I'm a refugee in my own country!!! My gov is trying to disarm me, tax me into poverty, increase my output for the good of the State while holding larger and larger debt over my head. I have fewer benefits as a citizen who fought for every ones right to be, and I'm trampled by those I fought for in the believe that I'm mentally defective and a threat to every one, especially my gov!
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    Amen brother, I'm not mentally defective just come by my patriotic nature naturally :D
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    Ditto URA-KI, reached the point I hate to leave home and God protect me from anyone who isn't home schooled in a house without TV.
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    I listen to NPR radio all the time, mainly because I get tired of someone always trying to sell me something and sometimes there are some very interesting shows on NPR. Recently, I found out that on Saturday NPR totally goes on the "bleeding heart" craze for the entire day. This Saturday it was about Syrian refugees. President Trump has all but stopped Syrian refugees from coming into the states. I think it said the total number this year was only 11 people so far and I think last year it was a total of 40 but don't quote me; nevertheless, it was a very small number compared to the thousands of even the last year of Obama's reign (I think it said 13,000). NPR painted Trump and America as horrible because people have to continue to stay in refugee camps or go back home to places like Mogadishu, Somalia. I feel bad for these people and wish them well; however, America is not responsible for all the problems of the world and certainly not these people.

    The other show was about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), you know, the Dreamers. And, how most of the country, Senator and Representatives all want DACA to pass, giving these dreamers a pass...but, politics isn't going to let that happen as the program is being held hostage until major portions of Immigration reform get passed or at least are agreed upon. In this, NPR tried to pull one's heart strings but again, while there are 800,000 to perhaps a million Dreamers, they have basically gotten a free ride, I am not responsible for them being here, and there are much more important decisions to be made that affect us all so - yes - they can wait and if they are used to get cooperation in order to get some necessary legislation passed, I'm okay with that. Sorry, but that's the way it is, that's reality...and if they don't want to wait - there is the door.

    I say this only to let all know that there is big change happening now and more to come soon. I haven't checked but think immigration as a whole, especially refugee immigration, is way down due to President Trump. And, I think we will see big Immigration reform in the near future. Furthermore, I think DACA will pass but only if the President gets reform. Say what you will about President Trump but he does know how to bargain.
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    [sarc2] Most forget that we are all [sheep] in the "game" the big countries/religions play.Most go past a small problem thats called underage. A underage kid tossing a BIG machine gun walks around start aiming at you.You cant shoot the poor helpless underaged kid m/v. And to go on, refuge means manny things,reject.garbage,excrement and so on. And for the readers here remember the are all unarmed civilians aka [sheep]!
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    Watch this one. Explaining immigration with gumballs.
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