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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Ganado, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Ganado

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    This was surprising. The USA does not decide which refugees we receive or where they are resettled

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    Manchester NH has been flooded by the refugees and when the mayor pleaded with the US to send no more until the existing groups could be absorbed into the community, he was called all sorts of names and told that the city had to take the next bunch, about 200, and he had no say. When a person wrote that they were ignorant black people living on welfare in the house, graffiti, he was accused of a hate crime and is awaiting sentencing and faces a couple of years in jail. The fact that the statement was true had no bearing in the case. Thousands have settled here over the past ten years. It is all being coordinated by a "christian group" that is 100 % financed by the government and has both a bias toward "helping" the refugees and a financial interest in doing so. As a individual with a rental unit, I know that I can not discriminate against these individuals even though a background check shows that they did not pay their rent and destroyed the last house they lived in and their lawyers are just looking for an excuse to sue me, they get their share of any settlement. These are not the illegal immigrants, they are the government approved "legals" and they are destroying areas of NH.
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    That is exactly what the video said @duane. The video after went on to discuss the housing shortage where a family is relocated and one year later more of their family is moved in AND many of them have 5-8 children.

    The people with apartments are being sued for over crowded conditions even though they did not create the problem.
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    From the local paper:(
    Not good at all.

    There are first- and second-wave Syrians. Now, a third wave is coming as refugees, fleeing the current crisis in Syria, she said.
    It could be awhile before many of the refugees who are seen on news reports wind up here and are aided by groups like World Relief. It takes between 18 and 24 months for people applying to the United Nations to land in their new homes in the U.S.
    Each year in October, the president and Congress decide how many refugees the United States will accept that fiscal year. This year, it was 70,000.
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    Here's a nice even number for them ZERO or for those LSU fans, ZEREAUX :D
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    THat's about 69,998 too many.
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    Agenda 21 anyone???
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    The French are a lot farther down this "multicultural" road than the USA as far as the refugees go. Their refugee problems started in the 1950's with the breakup of their old colonial territories. The population is now about 10 % moslem and they are generations into making no attempt to assimulate into the French culture. Charlie Hebou and a few other riots, mass murders, etc and demands for shiria law, more welfare, more free housing and a demand that we respect their rights while they believe ours are evil and wrong may tend to create hard feelings between the various French groups.
    In New Hampshire in the last 40 years we have went from it being rare to see anyone who was not of northern Euorpen decent, to our being a minority in several of the larger cities. The process of changing into the new "diversity" society has not been easy and a few problems, poverty, gangs, drugs, street violence, welfare, housing, education, mental health, language, and religion, come to my mind, seem to remain. The old Protestant ethic of work, behavior, and personal interactions is gone and if you wish to live in a world closer to that you grew up in, you are a racist bigot. We are no where as far down the line as the French in the Moslem area, but in several other cultural "diversity" areas, we are way ahead of them. The government attitude seems to be to protect one group at the expense of the others and the group I belong to is always wrong. Adding more people to the group causing the most problems does not seem to be the solution to the problem. The governments answer to all of the problems with assimulation always seems to be to take away more of my rights and throw more of my money at it. I am about out of both of those items now.
  9. 3M-TA3

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    One thing I have to hand it to Progressives is that they are clever enough to hide the poison in plain sight. Take the meme "Diversity", for example. Their usage means to divide, as in "divide and conquer" as opposed to "respect and accept". On the surface, it's all warm and fuzzy like a buffet of human culture, but it's reality is ominous. Where the "melting pot" made us one, "diversity" has defined subcultures and pitted them not only against the melting pot/American culture, but against each other as well. It's not enough for the left to have individual useful idiots, they have pulled off entire cultural useful idiots. Guess what happens to those minoritiy groups when the hammer finally drops and the left takes absolute control?

    Take a careful look at each of their code words/phrases and see the dual meaning: one warm and fuzzy for the sheep; the second poisonous one that tells their real intention. Even "Progressive" itself fits right in - "progressive" as in "that's progress, we are moving forward!" and progressive as in progressively taking control like a boa constrictor that takes your ability to breath away with every breath you take.
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    Words have absolute meanings already, like " marriage ". Twisting the word to another meaning, does not change the original meaning, it just perverts the words.
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    Doesn't help when 99% of the population only care about being "entertained" and staying ahead of the Jones'. I can't help but think with technology these days, it's already too late to fix. Tom Clancy was right when he said the days of conventional warfare are over. This might start racially, but it all comes back to religion in the end. It's okay to be anything BUT a God fearing American in our own country. I take that back, China owns us. If God doesn't come back to this country, we'll see revolution on its streets again.
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    God isn't going to bring anything back. We THE PEOPLE have to stand up for our Constitution.. it doesn't matter race, religion, age, sex or national origin. If EVERY single citizen doesn't stand up, we are going to lose the constitution. If God helps motivate you and helps you live with principles then great! But God won't help those who would take help themselves.

    I don't give a damn if you are Christian, Jewish or atheist as long as you stand beside me and fight for a free world. Fight for the right to practice your religion. (I'm more than a little iffy about Muslims tbh)
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