Refuse to bend over to armed thugs? YOU WILL!!

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Legion489, Apr 19, 2017.

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    Yup! Until the multi-million dollar law suits bankrupt the Cities and Municipalities responsible for these atrocities, they will continue to happen. Police have forgotten they are engaged to protect those whom they serve.
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    Serve and Protect has inverted to Enforce and Collect.
  4. Legion489

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    Bankrupting the cities and states won't stop this. Most big cities and some states are ALREADY bankrupt! What you need to do is sue the city and state officials and cops for their bond! Since they ALL are legally required to have a bond, and many DON'T, it is quite fun to watch them squirm and cry until the city or state (ie: tax suckers) bail them out.

    I should also add that in Iowa, the Iowa DOT and several cities have been sued and LOST in court due to sending out tickets from traffic cameras. The courts keep ruling it is illegal and they just keep doing it! They lost in court AGAIN and continue to keep handing out tickets from traffic cameras. At stake is millions of dollars of extorted money they do not want to lose, and millions more they would have to refund. So what if the courts keep ruling it is illegal?! THERE'S MONEY TO BE MADE! Damn the law!!
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    My fellow monkeys, it's called policing for profit, and even though it's illegal, they still do it happily with out redress!!! Why you may ask? because they all have the FED backing them up with the accreditation funding!
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    Yes, the current sociopolitical situation seems to be getting nuttier and nuttier! With only one exception that I know of nobody's civil rights are being generally respected by the police, anymore. What is that exception ...... ?

    OK, there isn't a single cop in the Detroit/Dearborn area who would dare — not so much as even dare — to treat ANYONE in the local Muslim community in such a disrespectful, illegal, and unconstitutional manner.

    So the question becomes 'Why? ' The answer is that the Detroit cops know they'd have an out-of-control violent civil riot on their hands; and, (You're going to love this 'and ' :D ) the organized national news media would be 100% behind the Muslims — Something that the national news media and the six corporations who control 98% of all the published news would NEVER DO for the rest of America.
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    Just try getting the judge to put their bond on the record. They are required to do it but good luck with that. The court is privately owned. All courts are for profit and I have actually had a judge tell me to my face "I will not allow the LAW into MY courtroom".

    and the people have forgotten that it is their duty to put the police in check.

    Oh its accurate. To Serve means to serve legal documents on you. To protect means that they will protect the bank (also known as the bench) and should the rare occasion arise when someone is shooting they will shoot back.

    The time for half measures is past.

    What it really takes is people fighting back. It could be to refuse or resist or it could be taking the fight to them. The more chaos for them the better. The best thing about this country are the radicals. The people who are going to give King George grief. The ADHD and hyperactive are what this country was built on. F the systems. Bring them down. All of the laws and rules are an illusion. They do not stop people from breaking the law. NATURE stops them from breaking the law. PHYSICS stops people from breaking the law. Fight back. you can join the army and go over seas by why would you when there is so much to do right here! Oh you might fight and die? Who cares! People die every day. What is truly tragic is how many people never get to LIVE! If the laws do not apply to everyone both high and low then they are not real laws at all.
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    Lets get one thing strait right here and now, We have a problem with how the LAW is carried out! We have fallen to LAW ENFORCEMENT, instead of UPHOLDING THE LAW which is what we are paying our taxes for! People need to know there is a difference between these two, and people need to know . One is Un-Lawful and as such carries no weight, the Politzi and the Judges have seen fit to corrupt the system for their profit of money and power, and they have taken the power of the people away!
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