Regal Breadmaker-yard sale find

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by stg58, May 12, 2013.

  1. stg58

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    I picked a Regal model 6750 for $5 at a yard sale today was $10 but they were shutting down and wanted to sell rather than put it away.

    It is very clean and still had the manual. Made a loaf of bread today easy to use and it came out fine, a small loaf and the tale end has a mark where the beater sits when it bakes but not a big deal. Love freshly baked bread!

    It is rated a 550 watts so it will not be real energy hog, all and all a nice addition.

    Edit added:Any feedback or ratings on other brands of breadmakers?

  2. natshare

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    Nice find! I've considered getting a bread maker, but since it's just me, and it takes me 2 weeks to go through a loaf of bread, it really wouldn't ever pay for itself.
  3. kellory

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    Except if you can't buy bread.
  4. natshare

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    True.....but hopefully I'd have (or invent/make) an oven that I could use a bread pan in. Besides which, if the SHTF, and I can't find bread to find.....what's the chances that I'd have electricity to run a bread maker?? :sneaky:
  5. DKR

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    Looks a lot like my Zojirushi bread maker. Works the treat, the savings come from not going to the store to 'get bread and milk' and coming back with $50 of other groceries. You can use it to mix & raise bread, pizza dough, and bread sticks, saving the Kitchen Maid mixer for other things...

    The best thing we found is that you add the ingredients and walk away - later you have fresh bread made while you worked in the garden or other tasks.
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