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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by dragonfly, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. dragonfly

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    Funny, how some people have gone right out the window on this latest "rumor" of having to declare your weapons on your taxes....!
    Today while getting my mail, out comes the park "manager" ( short for: complete ding dong!) He broadly states he had to claim how many weapons he had and then give them the serial numbers of each!

    Uh huh! Sure they did.... Just like he continued to say HIS version of the census paperwork required him to give them his social security account number, his drivers license number, and I can't even remember what else he came up with...At that point I had gone deaf and began to lose my sight...I think it was all the BS stacking up around me !

    The last remnants of his conversation was, that he had "sold" all of his "registered" weapons to someone else and in a trade for them, he got unregistered weapons, except for some saturday night special .22 pistol, which he claims on the forms ( ? ) and would gladly surrender to the authorities to appease them.

    Personally, I think there are some really stupid and ignorant people using up good clean air!
    People like this, make me want to go live in a cave with a female bear with cubs! It couldn't be miuch worse!
  2. BigO01

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    Wow amazing at how full ot it people can be !!

    If they ever send me a "Census Form" and actually do ask me those kinds of questions I think I'll stop by a local hospital and see if I can get them to give me say a weeks worth of plastic containers they use for "Stool and urine" samples and fill em up and pack em in a big box and overnight it to Uncle nosey with their census and "samples" inside and inclose a small note Saying I included the bodily fluids just in case they forgot to ask for them !!!

    LMAO !!!
  3. dragonfly

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    I love it!!!
    If they question the "samples" just say you're a quart low on blood, and knew they wanted a DNA sample!!!
    The same idiot, told the neighbor that was standing nearby, ( came by this evening and relayed this one to me!) He has to pay the IRS a $50.00 fee on his saturday night special! ( man this guy should work for the Congress!)
    What a total crock!
  4. fortunateson

    fortunateson I hate Illinois Nazis!

    Is he a gun dealer?
    Sounds like the kinda cr*p you hear at gun shows.
  5. Brokor

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    I call people out on their lies, expose that they are lying (they know if they are lying), then walk away, never to speak to them again.

    These are the same people who give real Patriots a bad name. On the internet, these are the fools spreading disinformation -playing into the hands of psy-ops, making their job easier. These people who make up lies are too pathetic to even communicate with, let alone trust. Best to leave them behind where they belong.
  6. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    Co-intel pros abound. Register? LOL
  7. Seawolf1090

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    What a tool your neighbor is. IF the FedGov ever did tell us to turn our guns in, he'd be the first in line to do just that......... :rolleyes:
  8. BigO01

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    Broker my friend while I understand and too a great deal agree with your opinion I have found that if the liar is a person you are kinda stuck being around "Neighbor , family , or coworker etc." I have found these are indeed examples of the old saying "if you give them enough rope they'll hang themselves" and when it happens it usually does so in front of enough people who have also had a belly full of their lines of BS as I have had a few of these people in my life as well as friends who have told me about similar such people they have known .

    To Illustrate I'll relate a humorous story a coworker told me years ago .

    He said that when in high school he had this one particular teacher who had the habit of telling such tall tales the class actually got to be almost a total free hour he used to do what otherwise would have been home work but this class saved him because it happened to be the last class of his day and it was an elective history class .

    Anyway this teachers specialty for his stories was that he was a know it all who whenever a subject came up he would go on forever about how many years he had in doing that particular job in his youth prior to becoming a teacher and the longer the year went the taller the tales seem to be getting .

    Well it comes down to the last day of the school year and it seems the teacher had a real doozy of a story about some rather dangerous job and how he had 10 years of experience doing it yada yada ya when a friend of my future coworker raises his hand and interrupts the teachers tall tale with almost 30 minutes to go on the last day of the year .

    The teacher stopped and asked the young man what he wanted and at that point he stands up and says " Well Mr. So and so my older brother told me about you and your stories since he had you a couple of years back do you remember him "And gave his brother first name" at which the teacher seemed happy to confirm this and praised his older brother and asked for him to say hello etc." Now when this exchange was done the young man then said "well any way I followed my brothers advice and every time you started telling a story on how long you did each job in your life I wrote it down and now here on the last day of the year according to my calculations after adding up all those jobs your well over 200 years OLD !!!! [own2][lolol]
  9. Old Sarge

    Old Sarge Old Sarge

    Sounds like he has been on too much "wackyweed"
  10. TnAndy

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    I would have said "REALLY ? why don't you show me your copy of your tax return where it says that ?"
  11. dragonfly

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    It's like the guy that came to work one day in our machine shop...
    This "KID" has a resume that would make Einstein blush!
    I mean it...( his momma wrote it for him and had it re-done by a professional resume writer!) Found that out about 4 years AFTER he left us!
    According to his resume he had been everywhere and done everything!
    Of course, as to be expected my "boss" hired him on the spot!
    It took about 5 minutes to find out what a clown this guy REALLY was....
    Everyone in that shop had expensive "Kennedy" brand tool boxes....3 and 4 tier sets. Some had 2 sets: 1 for lathes, 1 for milling.... (Not to mention all the tooling we had to buy on our own!)
    This idiot comes rolling his in from the parking lot...a no name brand, was red and fake chrome, el-cheapo from wallyworld or maybe the local autozone or a checker auto parts store...
    But,..... it gets even better!
    He opens it up and there are NO instruments of any kind, used in any machine shop I have ever seen. No calipers, no mic's, nada, not a thing..except: a "Chiltons" manual and a few old rusty sockets of some India manufacture....metrics, no ratchets even! All 1/4 inch drive....
    Of course any new guy that comes in and everyone heads over to see what this guy has, that we can all "borrow" at some time or other.
    But, he has some NICE 4 x 5 glossy photos of a race car, he say's he built....
    The top section of the only 2 cabinets which he brings in, is filled with hot rod magazines and such.
    Now the kid evidently could at least read, and man could this guy spew out specs on cams: lifts and duration like a pro! ( eat yer heart out Big Daddy Don Garlits!)
    Like a recording, or worse more like a danged a parrot!
    What a wiz he was!
    First job, they put him on a Fadal machining center, and he claimed to have no CNC programming experience....No problem the program is in the machine...they load it and hand him the first part blank and then show him how to load it in the fixture, then tell him to set the jaw pressure to 20 ft lbs.....
    He asked "how do I do that"?
    The Boeing engineer came over and handed him a blueprint and said "here ya go....", and walks away smiling like the cat that ate the canary!
    The guy stood there for what seemed like an hour...finally another machinist came to his rescue and asked if there was something wrong...
    He said he did not know how to set the vise jaw pressure....
    The machinist said "just use the torque wrench right there on the table behind you...." and he walks off to tend to his machine....
    Again, the guy FROZE!
    Now it's just getting weird!
    There were all kinds of tools on the bench!
    This guy that "built a race car", did NOT even know what a torque wrench looked like, nor how to use it!
    Before the "boss" finally fired him, he had crashed ALL 4 cnc machines they put him on, broke 2 manual lathes: a HARDINGE and a WEBB! ( I mean BROKE THEM suckers!) and trashed several thousand dollars in tools ( like the Boeing engineer's favorite "mercury filled anti-vibration boring bar"!)....Just before he managed to cut off a part of himself...the entire "shop crew" went into the office and stated "if he stays, we leave"!
    End of that story!

    Once the "boss" hired a "girl" because she was cute...!
    Too bad,.... she could not even read a ruler!
    She could not even cut plastic pvc pipe into 34 inch long pieces for machining! After she was 'tested" by ( of course, the "BOSS") she was put into the deburr section...where she promptly destroyed some ( very expensive) titanium plates by carving away the radius that had been carefully machined there...she thought the edges were too sharp! ( $20 k per plate...I did not dare to ask how many were ruined!) I catch on quickly how NOT to upset the boss!
    (You could say I'm an EXPERT at the opposite end of that spectrum!)

    BTW: that park NOT only a dufus, he is completely illiterate! He now claims he worked for the DEA for 10 years undercover...( we figure thats where he LOST all of his teeth!) I gave him a post card that fell out of the mailboxes and told him it wasn't for me....He could not read the damned thing!
    It's funny, in a sad sort of way, but then,.......
    I'm like that! You know: Morbid, in a weird sort of way...! ( you have been warned: read the following at your own risk!)

    Like standing around in a shop one afternoon watching a guy rebuild a V-8. Just as the guy was finishing up, he discovered that one of the intake manifold bolts was strangely missing...! He thought I and this other guy were messing around with him....and had taken the bolt, or hid it from him...After a few minutes of that, he dismissed it, found another bolt in the shop, and finished torquing the intake down, ....So far so good right? ( I warned ya about me !)
    I said NOTHING!
    Well, they get this motor put into this guys car, hook her up and light that sucker up. (for about 1/2 a revolution!)...when that bolt went into that piston top and slammed against the head!
    Now that's not funny.....!
    IT's absolutely freakin' hilarious !!!

    That guy chased me for blocks, and I have to tell you, it's not easy running while your laughing so hard you're crying!
    Now, on a brighter side,.....
    Did I see the bolt fall into the cylinder?
    YES I did....!
    Did I tell the guy?
    NO I did not...!
    Why not ?
    I was not rebuilding the engine, and I was not responsible for the shop, the motor or the customer's car...I was an innocent bystander, just waiting for my friends car, having his brakes put on!
    Ok, maybe I should have said something,...BUT, it was worth the wait!
    That sound was sooooo LOUD~!
    C R U N C H !!!
    You knew instantly what had happened and I busted out laughing!
    It wasn't the last time I did that either!
    I also did it to my boss when I was working at a truck stop....God, that man went beserk!
    It was his motor......His fault.
    I wonder, just how many people do that?
    And why do they all get so upset, when it's really so dang funny?
    (And, no I never did that one to myself! Not yet anyway!)
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