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    Now, That is a Marine I would like to know..... .....
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    A little mod,to be better seen by all.
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    I think its damn insulting that our troops are serving under a president that cares so little about them or their well being. He's even removed "on behalf of the president" from the flag presentation to family at funerals!
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    it makes you say PROUD TO BE A MARINE
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    Or navy,army, coast gaurd,and air force
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    Back in '70 when I was doing funerals, I presented the flag "With thanks from a grateful nation"...

    Was the president inserted at some time?
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    My son joined the Marines today!!! As an old Army paratrooper, I could not be more proud of his decision to join and serve our great country. I hope and pray he has a new president to follow orders from!!!
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    I have a friend who works funeral detail. In the last 2 years it has gone from "On behalf of the President of the United States, and a grateful nation...." to "On behalf of the Secretary of Defense..."

    He said orders came from above and that's how they've been done all year.
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    That is truly unfortunate that it has come to this, if true. The President represents we the people- he does not represent well.....
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