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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by LondonCalling, Jun 15, 2008.

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    If the mods / owners wish to move this thread or delete it, thats OK, ive tried to find something similar but failed?

    Here go's, in your opinion what is a good, reliable, hand held commnication system, im not talking mega-money, but im not talking two-bob (cheap) either.

    I have no clue regarding these items and know that they are an essential peice of equipment, with things going the way there are here in the UK i dont think it will be a great deal of time before TSHTF.

    I live in a built up area, but a good radius is essential, are there any of these items that also would allow me to listen in on normal radio comms for alerts etc?

    any help appreciated
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    Get to know a "ham" operator and pick his brains. Our rules and regs probably differ from the UK. Do a search on this website for Yaesu, that will take you to some discussions and comparisons of various comms that were here some time ago. Consensus was, IIRC, get a multiband radio, learn how to use it.
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    What distance are you looking at talking, handhelds generally only have a radius of a mile or less depending on the area, can't generate enough power with a small battery like they have, you pick up distance using a repeater, but then you are only good if the repeater is up and working.
    As far as listening in on other communications check to see what the services in your area uses, my area is going digital within the next few weeks so my scanner won't be picking up much from the local PD's, not that I was getting much before as they scramble much of the conversation as it is.

    Getting involved with a local HAM group would be the way to go, many years ago I had many friends that were HAM's I didn't really get into it enough to get my license but I do have them plugged into my scanner so when things get rough outside with the weather I turn them on as many are weather spotters. I've been thinking of getting into HAM now, if nothing else for something to do
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    Hiya pal,

    PMR will be the only legal way for you to go in the UK, unfortunately it isn't a secure comms but you can get round that using your own cockney slang VP codes. Here's a link to one of my favorite UK dealers web page's, check the modifications pages out and go to argos....

    There are other suppliers. I personally got the Vertex standard VX146's and the patch cable for flashing them up to full TX (Transmitting) power, they are not cheap, and I have had some pretty good results.

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    Cheers Toemag / Ghrit / Sheen-estevez,
    For all your input, i have taken on board what has been said, and will give an update as to what i purchase.

    You will then fall of ya' chair laughing and say "that aint gonna reach the end of the garden" or say " uum not a bad choice"

    But cheers again lads!
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  7. LondonCalling

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    Cheers for that Tony,
    I will get back to you once ive made a choice and again will ask for your advice if thats ok mate?
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